‘The View’ Interview With Ted Cruz Is Interrupted By Protesters

The View
The View

During an interview on Monday’s episode of The View, people in the audience stopped Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and asked him to talk about climate change.

While Cruz talked about inflation in the United States, the protesters yelled, “Vote for climate now!” over and over again. As the protesters kept yelling, the show’s co-host Whoopi Goldberg told them to stop during a live broadcast, “Let us do our jobs. We hear what you’re saying, but you need to leave.”

Cruz called the protesters “climate radicals” on Fox News, but he said it was important for him to reach Americans who usually only watch the news from their own party.

Cruz told Fox News, “I think it’s important for conservatives to talk to a lot more people than just their own group.” “We need to reach out to a lot of people who watch The View and have only ever seen one partisan story.”

When asked if President Joe Biden was legally elected, Cruz didn’t answer the question. Cruz was one of more than a dozen GOP senators who questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election and called for investigations into possible voter fraud. He changed his answer to say that TV reporters were trying to get Republicans to say the election was fair.

“When a Republican is in front of a TV camera, a lot of people in the media try to say that the election was fair and legitimate. You don’t do that to Hillary Clinton, who stood up and said, ‘Trump stole the election,'” Ted Cruz told the hosts of The View.

A day before the interview, some Yankees fans booed and gave Cruz the middle finger during a game between the Yankees and the Houston Astros.

One fan yelled, “Get out of New York!” “Go back to Cancn!” shouted someone else.

Cruz was criticized for taking a vacation in Cancn, Mexico, in February 2021, when the pandemic was at its worst and a deadly winter storm in Texas left many people without water and electricity.

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