Zac Efron Injury: Zac Efron Discusses His Shattered Jaw Injury With ET

zac efron injury
zac efron injury

As plastic surgery rumors whirr, Zac Efron’s changing appearance and chin injury are explained because the actor has admitted that he “almost died.”

Online rumors about Zac Efron’s changing appearance have been rampant over the past year. The High School Musical star addressed the rumors in September.

The actor, 34, recently disclosed that she had corrective surgery after suffering a chin injury that caused a swollen face last year. Photos of his new appearance went viral.

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At the Toronto International Film Festival, Zac made his first press appearance in a while to promote his upcoming movie, The Greatest Beer Run Ever. His appearance on the red carpet rekindled the conversation about his surgery.

Here are all of Efron’s comments regarding the rumors:

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Did Something Happen To Zac Efron?

Zac was interviewed by Men’s Health Magazine in October, where he discussed an accident that required surgery. He admitted that while at home, he slipped on a sock and fell onto the corner of a granite fountain, knocking himself out.

According to the magazine, Efron’s “chin bone was hanging off his face.”

He later told Entertainment Tonight Online about the severity of the accident: “It was amusing. It stinks. I nearly died, but we’re fine.”

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Zac Efron Had Surgery?

In the Men’s Health interview, Zac revealed that he had no idea a picture of his swollen appearance had gone viral last April. It was only brought to his attention when his mother asked if he had undergone plastic surgery, according to The Greatest Showman star.

He also told ET, “My mother told me. I don’t care because I never read the internet.”

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He explained that his growing masseter muscles, which are rectangular-shaped muscles in your face and jaw, were responsible for his stronger jawline. Efron revealed that he started doing masseter exercises to help him recover from his horrific chin accident.

“The masseters simply grew. “They just grew really, really big,” he told Men’s Health. “If I valued what other people thought of me to the extent that they may think I do, I definitely wouldn’t be able to do this work,” Zac said poignantly in the interview.

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