The Us Is Making Evacuation Plans To Get Americans Out Of Taiwan

The Us Is Making Plans To Get Americans Out Of Taiwan.
The Us Is Making Plans To Get Americans Out Of Taiwan.

People say that the U.S. government is making plans for the American people in Taiwan to evacuate in case China attacks Taiwan. On Monday, June 12, Messenger reported that three people who know about the situation said that the U.S. government plans to move American citizens out of the Taiwan Strait because of rising tensions.

In response to reports by US media saying that the US government is preparing evacuation plans for American citizens living in Taiwan, the Chinese FM spokesperson said, “I’m not familiar with the specific situation you mentioned, but I do know that while the US verbally

Global Times also Tweeted about the news, which you can check out below.

One source said the quick steps were taken because of a “heightened level of tension.” China’s military buildup, Beijing’s support for Moscow in the Ukraine war, and Russia’s planned attack of 2022 are all causing this.

Some say that plans for an escape are being kept quiet because Taipei thinks it is a sensitive subject. A former State Department official said that discussing these kinds of projects could make it seem like a crisis is coming, even if it was just “prudent planning.”

The Us Is Making Plans To Get Americans Out Of Taiwan.
Taiwan evacuation plans

When the news agency asked Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Martin Meiners for a word on the plans, Meiners refused to answer the question directly. However, he stressed, “We do not see a conflict in the Taiwan Strait as imminent or inevitable.”

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence (MND) released a new civil defense guide on Tuesday, June 13. It has 20 more pages than last year’s version. Significant are the detailed pictures that show how the outfits of Taiwanese soldiers and those of the People’s Liberation Army troops are different so that civilians can tell who is a friend and who is a foe.

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