Pregnant Keke Palmer’s Baby Bump Photoshoot In Maternity Before Son’s Birth

Keke Palmer is overjoyed to think that her baby boy will soon be here.

The actress, who is 29 and expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Darius Jackson, posted a photo carousel from a recent maternity shoot on Instagram on Saturday. She is holding her growing belly and smiling at the camera in the pictures.

She called the series “A Long Time Ago, in a Land Not So Far Away, the King and Queen Got Together to Play.”

“As more sunsets went by, the play turned into love.” “Now There’s a Prince Who’s Coming Soon!” She kept going and ended with a blue heart and a praying face.

Palmer showed off her new curves in a beige ribbed maxi dress that fit her well. To show off her pregnancy glow, the Nope actress wore a bright makeup look and gold jewelry. She added to her outfit with a pair of tan high-heeled boots and a big messy bun.

Jackson joined Palmer for some pictures, and his outfit matched the colours she was wearing. During the shoot, Palmer and her boyfriend gave each other sweet gestures. In one photo, Palmer rests her hand on her boyfriend’s shoulder, and in another, he leans over to give her a kiss on the forehead.

keke palmer baby bump Maternity Photoshoot

Palmer had a baby shower on Saturday with her friends and family, as seen in the photos and videos she posted on her Instagram Story.

The party was based on fairy tales, and it had a storybook with the same first line as Palmer’s Instagram caption for her maternity photoshoot. She and Jackson even sat on a big white and gold throne, and the mom-to-be wore a crown.

When Palmer told the world she was pregnant while hosting Saturday Night Live in December, the Internet went crazy.

“There are rumours circulating, and people have commented, “Keke is having a baby, Keke is pregnant.” Palmer said. “I want to set the record straight: I am!” She said this as she tore open a long jacket.

Palmer told Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon that she was having a boy on Wednesday when she was on the show. She didn’t give a due date, but she talked about what zodiac sign her baby might have. This gave fans a hint about when the baby will come.

“So my baby is either going to be a Pisces or an Aries; I’m not sure exactly,” she told Fallon, implying that her son will be born in either March or April.

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