A Media Founder Phyllis Hoffman Depiano Obituary And Cause Of Deἀth

Phyllis Hoffman Depiano Obituary
Phyllis Hoffman Depiano Obituary

Phyllis Hoffman, the founder of Hoffman Media, apparently d!ed unexpectedly. Her de@th was announced in the most recent edition of Classic Sewing Magazine Group.

Phyllis Hoffman Depiano Obituary

Her experience demonstrates the importance of following one’s passion and executing an idea. Phyllis will be remembered for her accomplishments and her sense of independence, even if the cause of her de@th is unknown. Her impact on the publishing industry and the creative community will be felt for a long time.

Phyllis started her work in the church. In the video below, Phyllis describes her journey and passion, beginning as a pianist and organist in her church.

She took time away from her accounting profession to care for her twins. Phyllis started the publication Just CrossStitch with the support of her loved ones, including her sister Janice, seasoned journalist Barbara, and friend Juanita.

They were able to establish their company by navigating the artistic stitching community. Phyllis Hoffman DePiano’s vision and commitment to her work having a big impact on the publishing sector led to the establishment of Hoffman Media.

Our sympathies to her family and loved ones during this difficult time of loss, and may her soul rest in peace. Everyone who had the pleasure of knowing Phyllis Hoffman during her lifetime will greatly miss her.

Phyllis Hoffman Depiano Obituary

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She was a tremendous asset, and her presence and contributions will be greatly missed. Her untimely de@th, however, has had a significant impact on her family and friends.

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