Uncovering Paul Gosar Illness: Truth Behind the Rumors About Parkinson’s Disease

paul gosar illness
paul gosar illness

Paul Anthony Gosar, an American politician, is the congressman for Arizona’s 4th congressional district. In 2011, he switched to the Republican Party and has been a member of the House ever since.

Before being elected to Congress, he practiced dentistry in Flagstaff, Arizona. Gosar is well known for holding conservative views, particularly on immigration and healthcare. He has been a vocal opponent of the Affordable Care Act and has supported repealing efforts.

The possibility that US Congressman Paul Gosar has Parkinson’s disease was raised after he appeared to experience strange muscle spasms while speaking at a rally for Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

Does Paul Gosar Have Parkinson’s Disease?

On March 5, Gosar addressed his fans during a campaign event called “Rock n’ Roll Rodeo” in Morristown, Arizona. Gosar’s head appeared to roll unintentionally while he spoke.

Many made assumptions about his health, suggesting he might have Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, or Tardive Dyskinesia. Although he previously brushed down such worries and assured voters he was “healthy as a horse,” the GOP firebrand hasn’t stated the same.

Acyn Torabi posted a video of Gosar at the event on Saturday and stated on Twitter-

“I don’t want to comment too much on Gosar’s condition but it does appear to be getting worse.”

Despite having different political stances, many social media users sympathized with the Republican congressman. MSNBC anchor Katie Phang said-

“I’m no doctor, but it looks like he’s in the mild stage of Parkinson’s.”

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Another Twitter user said-

“It’s far from mild. Parkinson’s is typically characterized by rigidity and stiffness, not this type of choreoathetotic movements. IMO it’s more likely tardive dyskinesia. Huntington’s disease is also possible but that is usually hereditary so his siblings would also be affected.”

The Republican from Arizona has, in the past, made an effort to conceal his convulsions by burying his hands in his pockets, under desks, or behind his back. He assured The Arizona Republic in 2015 that his condition would not impact his bid for public office.

The 56-year-old, three-term lawmaker stated to the publication that he needed back surgery due to nerve problems in his neck and lower back brought on by two shattered vertebrae.

He added that he had experienced hip replacement side effects starting in 2014. At the time, he told The Republic, “I’m as healthy as a horse.” To get rid of me won’t be so straightforward,

According to Gosar, a dentist for more than 25 years, the spinal compression was caused by his prolonged hunching over while attending to patients. Additionally, he had a history of playing rugby, which worsened his condition and required hip surgery.

paul gosar illness
paul gosar illness

During a ceremony in Phoenix in 2015, Gosar was present to shake hands with 70 newly minted Americans. During the interval between the congrats, his left hand spasmed, and he grabbed his right hand over his left to restrain the movement.

After the ceremony, he sat with his hands behind his back and spoke with a reporter. In June of that year, Gosar’s left hand started to tremble, and he appeared to hide it behind his back throughout the 12-minute TV stint with 3TV.

Even though spinal experts concur that persons who work in positions that demand prolonged hunching over are more likely to develop spine arthritis and compressed discs, which can lead to pain, weakness, and a loss of fine motor function, however, it’s unclear how the illness will damage Gosar’s prospects for political success.

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Social media users are curious about Congressman Paul Gosar after seeing a video of him making uncontrollable movements while speaking at a campaign event.

It is improper to make inferences about the cause of these movements or evaluations of Congressman Gosar’s health or ability to perform his duties as a U.S. Representative. Everyone must be respected and cared for, and we must keep others in mind when speaking and acting.

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