Frankie Jules-Hough Obituary: How Did Hollyoaks Star Die?

Frankie Jules-Hough Obituary
Frankie Jules-Hough Obituary

Frankie Former actress Julia Hough gained fame from Hollyoaks. She stopped acting and started working as a reiki therapist. Frankie was a busy mother of two boys, Tommy, age nine, and Rocky, age two. In the popular Channel 4 adolescent soap, Frankie portrayed Jess.

Hollyoaks Fandom claims that from 2000 to 2001, Frankie portrayed Jess Holt on the program. Paul Danan, her co-star on the show, and she grew close during her time there.

How Did Frankie Hough Die?

When a fast driver hit Frankie, she stopped on the M66’s hard shoulder. The pregnant woman, the mother of two at the time, had pulled over to take a call when the BMW driver rammed into her. Frankie and her four-year-old nephew traveled with her two young sons in the car. The children were all saved but rushed to intensive care, where they are now fighting for their lives.

Frankie and her unborn child were buried on June 9, 2023, after she died at the age of 38. Adil Iqbal, 22, pleaded guilty to causing her deἀth and also admitting to injuring Frankie’s son, Tommy. He also admitted to hurting her nine-year-old kid severely. He was kept in jail awaiting sentencing on July 19th.

Frankie Jules-Hough Obituary
Frankie Jules-Hough Obituary

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Frankie Jules-Hough Obituary And Car Accident

Frankie Jules-Hough, a former Hollyoaks star, passed away at the age of 38, and tributes have been pouring in. The actress, who played Jess in the Channel 4 serial, suffered serious injuries along with her son Tommy, nine, and her four-year-old nephew Tobias on the M66 in Greater Manchester on Saturday, May 13th.

According to her friend Debbie Wright, Frankie was 18 weeks pregnant when she passed away two days later in the hospital. Rocky, Frankie’s two-year-old son, was also hurt in the crἀsh.

Hollyoaks actor Paul Danan led the tributes, saying on Twitter-

“I just heard the most shocking upsetting news I’ve heard in such a long time. Another good good friend who was such a special person has sadly passed away while carrying her unborn baby and her 2 little boys and nephew who were in the car too. They had a terrible car accident.”

Paul continued-

“She was driving on the M6 when a car must have crἀshed in to them dangerously the driver has been charged.This wonderful actress played the character “Jess” alongside me 4 years in @Hollyoaks her real name is @JustFranki1 and i adored her. I feel so lost right now. #RIPFranki”

Following Frankie’s passing, her friend Debbie started the GoFundMe page, which has already raised more than £52,000.

She Wrote, “Words cannot express what her family and friends are going through now, not to mention her poor boys who now have to grow up without their mummy and sister they never got to meet. .”

“This is devastating! Frankie touched the lives of so many with her beautiful kind soul! Heaven has gained a true angel!.”

From 2000 to 2001, Frankie played Jess Holt in Hollyoaks. Merseybeat, Heartbeat, Where the Heart Is, and Wire in the Blood are a few other TV shows with similar credits.

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