FBI Searching Georgia Home For Remains In 2016 Disappearance Of 19 Year Old Morgan

Morgan Bauer Missing
Morgan Bauer Missing

Following a tip, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies searched a Georgia property for the human remains of a teen who went missing in 2016.

“The search warrant was obtained based on credible information and evidence gathered during the course of the investigation,” the Porterdale Police Department said in a statement on Thursday. Police confirmed that the search is for the remains of Morgan Bauer.

So far, the search at 2 South Broad St has turned up “items of evidentiary interest,” according to police. The present owners of the property, according to the government, have also been cooperative.  The search was being conducted by a variety of local law enforcement agencies, as well as the Peoria Illinois Police Department; it was not immediately obvious why this out-of-state department was involved.

Morgan Bauer Missing

The Peoria Police Department told The Independent in an email: “The Peoria Police Department can only confirm that our officers assisted in the investigation. None of our officers are in Georgia helping with this investigation.” Ms. Bauer vanished in February 2016, shortly after traveling from South Dakota to Georgia. At the time of her disappearance, she was 19 years old.

Her last reported sighting was in a video uploaded on social media on February 26, 2016, of Ms. Bauer going through a park with a male in the background. On Thursday, the day of the FBI search, Ms Bauer’s mother, Sherri Keenan, wrote on Facebook: “At this time, my family and I are doing our best to be grateful, graceful, peaceful and prayerful.”

Kasey McClure, who has been assisting Ms. Keenan with the hunt since Morgan Bauer’s disappearance, told Fox 5 Atlanta that the mother is “in shock.” “She’s not sure what’s going to come out of this investigation, she’s not sure if that’s her daughter, she’s not sure what they found because it’s so hush-hush,” Ms McClure continued.

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Ms McClure also mentioned a specific finding. According to the site, Ms Bauer landed a position as a dancer at The Top of Gainesville, a now-defunct adult entertainment club in Georgia.

Morgan Bauer Missing

“I’m actually a survivor of the s*x industry,” Ms McClure said. “I worked in that lifestyle for a little over six years. Twenty years ago today I actually walked away from it.” “In Georgia, there are thousands of girls in the s*x industry.” That could mean they’re merely a dancer or an escort, but their life is in danger every day,” she said. Stay tuned The Current Online for more news.

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