Did Marzia Get Plastic Surgery? Why Does She Hide Her Face? Check Facts!!

marzia plastic surgery
marzia plastic surgery

Marzia Kjellberg appears to have had Botox, cheek fillers, three nose jobs, lip fillers, and a jaw-shaving treatment. The social media star has only revealed one nose job to remedy his respiratory troubles and lip fillers to rectify her facial asymmetry. Marzia’s fans don’t believe her and don’t like how she pretends to be primarily natural while clearly having plastic surgery.

Marzia Kjellberg is unquestionably one of the most well-known internet celebrities. Not every YouTuber with cosmetics, fashion, or vlogging content can amass over 8 million subscribers. Although she has retired, she is never far from the public spotlight because she is married to another well-known online personality and one of the most subscribed Youtubers, PewDiePie.

She has a strong social media presence and is an Instagram influencer with over 8 million followers. However, she is largely discussed on social media since many have observed that she has had a lot of plastic surgery. Her appearance has changed several times, and her fans want to know which treatment she has had. She’s never been entirely honest about it. So, let’s talk about Marzia’s plastic surgery!

Marzia’s Plastic Surgery: The Former Youtuber Had a Nose Job and Lip Fillers

Marzia’s followers suspect her of having extensive plastic surgery, including Botox, lip fillers, chin fillers, nose jobs, cheek fillers, and a jaw-shaving procedure.

Marzia Kjellberg has always been controversial among her followers for not only not disclosing her plastic surgery but also going out of her way to hide the proof that she had cosmetic treatments, such as having all of her before images removed from the internet. Her fans dislike that she continues to act as if she is completely natural, even though she is working.

They also thought it was strange that Marzia Kjellberg only showed the left part of her face. As it turned out, her face was asymmetrical, which made her exceedingly self-conscious. And she appears to have had multiple plastic surgery procedures to ‘correct’ her look, but she has never said so. She has admitted to some of the procedures, largely to appease people.

marzia plastic surgery

Marzia Kjellberg, for example, has never admitted to having many nose jobs. Some believe she had plastic surgery to eliminate the lump on her face before meeting Felix, her husband. Many people were unaware she had this treatment because all of the photos of her with her former large nose with the bump have been erased, and only a few of them can be discovered.

Marzia then proceeded to have another nose job. She claims she had the plastic surgery for ‘breathing troubles,’ a ‘deviated septum,’ and other such reasons. This is the go-to explanation for folks who don’t want to acknowledge they had cosmetic surgery. Fans believe she got surgery because she was dissatisfied with her previous rhinoplasty. So, after the second attempt, her nose got even straighter and less lumpy.

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However, the overall outcome was unappealing. On the second attempt, the surgeon also botched her nose. Marzia Kjellberg underwent plastic surgery on her nose for the third time. The third time’s the charm, and her nose has shrunk, becoming narrower and more button-like. There is no trace of the hump that was once on her nose. Everything is in order now. Much more aesthetically pleasing than before.

Take a look at the tweet that Marzia officially released on her Twitter profile on January 22, 2014-

Marzia apparently had cheek and lip fillers in addition to her nose operations. Though they are not technically plastic surgery, they are aesthetic operations that did modify her face. She stated on her Instagram story that she had lip fillers done to ‘fix an asymmetry,’ but if she was telling the truth, she received more than she bargained for. Because her lips are fuller than ever, and it’s not due to lip liner. Her lips are fuller, and not just the lipstick part. This can only be accomplished with lip injections, not with makeup.

And Marzia appears to have fillers in her cheeks as well. They used to be flat in some of her earlier photographs, but they are now very high up and noticeable. She actually had plastic surgery to give herself a new face.

Some followers believe she received chin fillers to rectify the asymmetry she’s always complaining about. Some dispute it and argue that she wouldn’t undergo chin injections since she already has a very strong, square, and masculine face, which would make them ineffective.

marzia plastic surgery
marzia plastic surgery

Marzia Kjellberg, who emerged from quarantine with a significantly longer face, was also accused of obtaining fillers on her jaw. Fans assumed it was due to her fillings dissolving because she didn’t get the surgery done during the lockdown.

Some thought she had a lengthy face since a portion of her jaw was shaved off because it appeared too large for her face. People also believe she underwent Botox injections as a preventative precaution rather than a remedial measure.

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Some admirers believe that Marzia’s face does not result from plastic surgery. They think she has a narrower and sharper face now that she has lost weight.

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