Hazel E Before Surgery: She Has Serious Complications After Plastic Surgery

hazel e before surgery
hazel e before surgery

Rapper, entrepreneur, and reality TV star Hazel-E, commonly known as “Hazel-E,” is from Cincinnati, Ohio, and is in her forties. She was raised in Houston and rose to fame as the publicist for artists like Tank, Gnarls Barkley, and Aaron McGruder of The Boondocks. Hollywood beauty Hazel-E just underwent another plastic surgery, so she is experiencing severe difficulties.

If you’ve been following Hazel’s journey from her time on Love & Hip Hop, you already know she’s had surgery before. After a serious ATV accident, she was very forward about getting a nose operation. Although it has been speculated that she has had other surgeries done in the past, she has never spoken out about them until now.

Plastic Surgery and Tattoos by Lahh Star Hazel-E

Hip-hop All About That Love The American entertainment program Hollywood is well-known. The program’s primary goal is to share the life stories of important people in the hip-hop business.

Their interpersonal relationships and private lives take center stage. Many American cities, including New York, Hollywood, Atlanta, and Miami, are used to film scenes. Several well-known musicians have contributed to this project. This page focuses on LAHH Star Hazel-E, one of these.

Former Love & Hip Hop star Hazel-E is 39 years old and has a USD 1,000,000 net worth. It has come up in conversation that Hazel-E may have undergone plastic surgery to enhance her appearance.

E’s nose may have changed the most due to Hazel’s reshaping. Another distinctive feature is the extensive tattoos that cover her body. Her body is currently covered in 12 tattoos. The ultimate goal is to enhance one’s looks and provide a more stunning image of oneself.

Rhinoplasty: Surgical Reconstruction of the Nose

Some people can distinguish between Hazel-nose E’s before and after the operation. The TV celebrity asserts that rhinoplasty was necessary to correct the shape of her nose following a bike accident in Dubai in 2015. Others responded by shaking their heads and claiming it was only an accusation because she had her nose corrected. She, however, refuted their theories with the assistance of the operating surgeon.

hazel e before surgery
hazel e before surgery

Nowadays, almost every Hollywood actor and actress uses a custom augmentation. Hazel-E is not an exception, as some may believe. Listen to what she has to say about her surgical procedures. The LAHH star admitted that she underwent surgery on her nose to repair the damage following the incident.

She also confirmed that she had a breast reduction in April 2015, on her birthday. She lost one of her four front teeth in the accident. Therefore, in 2016, she needed new veneers for those four teeth. Additionally, she added that changes in her weight do not always mean that she is having surgery.

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Hazel-E Says, I Almost Died Through Plastic Surgery

‘Love & Hip Hop’ singer Hazel-E promised through tears that she would never longer seek cosmetic surgery after receiving some harsh criticism because her previous two attempts had almost killed her.

Hazel spoke on the pressure she felt to “snap back” to her pre-pregnancy fitness level on the “It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper” podcast. She explicitly referenced Teyana Taylor to convey her desire to recover from parenthood, similarly to Teyana.

She claims that the amount of BBLs and other operations she has had has become unhealthy. Now here’s the catch… Despite their friendship, Raquel didn’t hold back when urging Hazel to stop having surgery immediately.

Brandi Boyd issued an impassioned apology after learning of Hazel’s condition, taking to Instagram to caution other ladies considering cosmetic surgery to do their homework. She commented on the tearful IG post-

“This is a LESSON to do your homework or have real-life experience before recommending doctors or surgical zones to your loved ones (OR ANYBODY). I feel responsible by telling her about this DANGEROUS / UNETHICAL practice.”


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