Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Go To Trial Over Santa Barbara House

Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom
Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom

A guy who alleges he sold his property to Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom while excessively drugged is about to go to trial in his real estate dispute. According to court documents obtained by USA TODAY from the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Carl Westcott originally filed a complaint on the sale of his Santa Barbara, California, residence to the pop singer and actor in August 2020, claiming he was of “unsound mind” after taking “several intoxicating pain-killing opiates” that had been prescribed to him.

Perry and Bloom are not named as defendants in the action, but business manager Bernie Gudvi, who represented the couple throughout the sale of Westcott’s property, is. According to the court’s case file for Westcott’s complaint, a non-jury trial for the lawsuit is planned for Aug. 21 at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles. Gudvi, as well as Perry and Bloom’s reps, have been contacted for comment.

Carl Westcott’s complaint says he sold his Santa Barbara property to Katy Perry, left, and Orlando Bloom, right, while excessively drugged. Westcott was given with an offer to sell his freshly purchased property to Perry and Bloom for $15 million in July 2020. Westcott, who has Huntington’s illness, received the business proposal just days after undergoing a six-hour back surgery. Westcott was apparently inebriated after being released from the hospital after being prescribed various drugs for his recuperation.

Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom

Westcott changed his mind about signing the contract after realizing he “had not been himself due to the combination of his age, frailty, Huntington’s disease, the six-hour surgery, and especially the intoxicating effects of the opiate painkillers he had been taking several times each day,”

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Westcott wrote brokerage firm Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, which functioned as a dual agent for the home’s seller and buyer, saying that he had been under the influence of pain medicine and didn’t want to sell his home.

Westcott was handed a letter from Perry and Bloom explaining the couple’s interest in purchasing the home. Westcott insisted that he couldn’t sell his house because he was in “the final few years of his life.”

Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom

After refusing to sell his home, he got another letter from an attorney representing Gudvi, Perry, and Bloom. Perry and Bloom wrote in the letter that they were “not willing to walk away from purchasing Mr. Westcott’s home and he is obligated to complete the sale.”

Westcott is seeking cancellation of the residential sale agreement he made, as well as the associated standard real estate forms, due to the claimed circumstances surrounding the sale of his home. Litigation and attorney’s costs would provide additional relief. Stay tuned to The Current Onlinefor more updates.

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