Jack Hubris Gets In The Way Of Wrestling In ‘Heels’ Season 2, Says Stephen Amell

Heels Season 2 Jack Stephen Amel lcomments
Heels Season 2 Jack Stephen Amel lcomments

The second season of Heels is presently showing on Starz, continuing the narrative of a family who must repair their wounded hearts while running the business that inspires them. In the midst of their grief, Jack (Stephen Amell) and Ace (Alexander Ludwig) must decide what is best for the wrestling business they inherited after their father’s death.

“We have the ladder, which is a gimmick, but Crystal is very skilled, so we had to figure out how she would compete with Jack, just from a physical standpoint,” the actor went on to explain. You have the option of suspending your disbelief. It’s professional wrestling. So we devised the theory that she would compete because of Jack’s ego. His arrogance frequently causes him to turn his back or let his defenses down, allowing her to infiltrate. I’m not sure if that was my favorite section of the second season, but it was certainly the most entertaining.”

Heels Season 2 Jack Stephen Amel lcomments

The series’ conflict began in the first season, when Tom Spade (David James Elliott) died after wrestling and running the Duffy Wrestling League for many years, leaving his oldest son in control. After their father was no longer present to show them the ropes, the brothers had different ideas on where the company should go in the future. The brothers’ conflicting viewpoints created a new form of tension, with Ace believing that Jack was always getting in his way. It’s time for them to address their issues at their root.

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The Show Must Go On

Starz opted to revive Heels for a second season after it became evident that it was a hit owing to its ability to merge the finest of drama with the greatest of wrestling. In the current episodes, the brothers are attempting to reconcile their differences both inside and outside of the ring.

Heels Season 2 Jack Stephen Amel lcomments

Ace began to question Jack’s morality after he refused to relinquish his championship in a bout against his own brother, asking if his brother was looking out for the company’s best interests or his own. The bell has rang, and this family will do everything they can to heal. By launching yourself from the top rope.

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