Jerry Hall And Rupert Murdoch Divorced After Six Years Of Marriage: News, Details, And Rumors

rupert murdoch divorce
rupert murdoch divorce

Rupert Murdoch and his ex-supermodel wife Jerry Hall have broken up after six years of marriage.

Thursday, both Murdoch’s lawyer, Robert S. Cohen, and Hall’s lawyer, Judith L. Poller, told USA TODAY that the couple’s divorce was final. In an email statement, Bryce Tom, who works for Murdoch, also confirmed the split.

In an email, the lawyers said, “They are still good friends and wish each other the best for the future.”

In March 2016, Murdoch, who was 91, and Hall, who was 66, got married at Princess Diana’s family townhouse, Spencer House. Spencer House is an 18th-century palace in central London that is still owned by Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer.

Murdoch, who was born in Australia, and Hall, who was born in Texas, started dating after one of Murdoch’s sisters and his niece met them in Australia. In October 2015, they went public with their relationship by going to the Rugby World Cup final in London together.

The two got engaged at the Golden Globes in Los Angeles in January 2016. At the time, Murdoch’s News Corporation, which owns The Times of London, reported this.

A Murdoch family spokesman told the newspaper, “They have loved spending the last few months together, are thrilled to be getting married, and are excited about their future.”

rupert murdoch
rupert murdoch

Murdoch and his three ex-wives have had six children together.

From 1956 to 1965, Murdoch was married to Patricia Booker. From 1967 to 1999, he was with Anna Torv. From 1999 to 2013, he was with Wendi Deng. He has two boys, Lachlan and James, and four girls, Prudence, Elisabeth, Grace, and Chloe.

Hall has two daughters, Elizabeth and Georgia, and two sons, James and Gabriel, with the rock singer Mick Jagger, who she used to be with.

Hall and the lead singer of The Rolling Stones got married in a private Hindu ceremony in Bali, Indonesia, in 1990, but it wasn’t legal, which Hall didn’t know. During the divorce case in 1999, a British court ruled that the marriage never really happened.

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