Jamie Raskin Illness: Is He Suffering From Any Disease?

Kanye Harris Car Accident
Kanye Harris Car Accident

Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., provided some good news about his health on Thursday: He has finished chemotherapy and has been given the preliminary diagnosis of cancer remission.

Raskin, 60, announced the achievement in an open letter, explaining that a recent body imaging scan revealed no detectable cancer cells. He is now in remission from diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and has a 90% chance of never relapsing, he says.

Raskin’s cancer diagnosis was revealed at the end of December. Raskin posted a video on Twitter on Tuesday of himself ringing a bell at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington to commemorate the completion of six rounds of five-day chemo sessions. You can see the post below:

He expressed his love and appreciation in his letter to his family, friends, constituents, and the thousands of people who had reached out to him in recent months “with expressions of prayer, best wishes, concern, solidarity, sympathy, and moral encouragement.”

He also thanked them for “beautiful gifts of bandanas, homemade scarves and sweaters, Capitol Police baseball caps, hospital scrubs, wool hats, chocolate chip cookies, mandel bread, pea soup, vegan matzoh ball soup, and gorgeous paintings, poems and letters that I will treasure forever.”

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Raskin stated that he intends to send another thank-you note to the American people soon, but that he presently lacks “the energy to properly thank you all and express the enormity of my feelings about the enduring beauty and promise of our country.”

You can read the additional news:

His poor energy is the outcome of his final round of chemo, which caused a drop in hemoglobin and white blood cell levels. Raskin revealed his illness at the end of last year, describing it as a “serious but curable form of cancer.”

Kanye Harris Car Accident

He was scheduled to take over as ranking member of the Oversight and Reform Committee just before the start of the next Congress, but he remained to serve in that capacity. He had his treatment as an outpatient and stated at the time that the prognosis for most persons in his circumstances after four months of treatment was great. Follow us on our website The Current Online for more updates and news.

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