Californian woman killed on the street, suspect arrested

Californian woman killed on the street, suspect arrested
Californian woman killed on the street, suspect arrested

“Don’t leave if your daughter is being abused by someone out there. Hold onto it. The father of Karina Castro cautioned, “Don’t take no for an answer.

Speaking out, the father of a woman who allegedly had her head severed in a San Carlos, California, street says he “would beg” his daughter to “leave” the suspect.

An “adult male” was being held for the murder of a woman, according to a news release from the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday. In a press statement, police stated that earlier that morning, witnesses had “flagged down” police near Magnolia and Laurel about “an assault in process.”

Police arrived on the site and discovered a dead woman. The announcement stated, “Shortly thereafter, the suspect returned to the location and was apprehended for her murder.”

According to ABC 7 in San Francisco, the victim has subsequently been identified as 27-year-old Karina Castro. She had two daughters, aged seven and one. She received her GED while attending Menlo-Atherton High School. She was a DoorDash driver at the time of her demise.

Jose Landaeta Solano, also known as Rafa Solano, 33, is the suspect currently in custody, the sheriff’s office previously said to PEOPLE.

According to the outlet, he has been positively identified as the father of Karina’s 1-year-old and her ex-boyfriend. Despite having a restraining order against Landaeta since April, Karina continued to see him.

In an interview with ABC 7, Karina’s father claimed that he tried to prevent her from visiting Landaeta at all costs.

“I would beg her every time I saw her. Talk to him not. Marty Castro told the television station, “I would leave him and it looked like the more I did that, the more she would see him. She was a remarkable young lady.

Similar thoughts were expressed by the victim’s grandmother Danielle Gannon, who described Karina as “a wonderful woman, very headstrong, and determined to raise her girls on her own.”

She claimed that Landaeta battled alcoholism and mental health problems.

He is taking medication for his schizophrenia. And he would cite that as justification for his actions. He drank excessively, which is against the rules while taking those kinds of drugs, according to Gannon.

ABC 7 was able to collect Snapchat communications between Karina and the suspect, and they reveal that she threatened to reveal his supposed relationship with another man. According to the site, they later got into a fight outside of her house.

He killed her right there behind her car, according to Marty, after becoming quite enraged and going to his car’s trunk to retrieve whatever it was.

Chapel Thorborne, a neighbor, provided the outlet with a description of the event.

They covered her up while she lay merely dismembered in the back of the automobile with the head under the car.

The incident was reported to Karina’s family by the media, they claimed. Marty told ABC 7 that he arrived at the site in a hurry and described how he learned that his daughter was the victim.

“When the deputy approached, he refused to identify who it was. She did, however, possess that black Volkswagen, as I claimed. Yes, that is her automobile, he confirmed. That’s my daughter, I said.

The family is also battling for the return of Karina’s two girls, who were taken away by the authorities after she was killed.

“I desire those women. I want it first, and after that, I want Rafa to suffer in prison. What happens to him doesn’t concern me, Karina’s grandmother stated.

Marty told the television station that he also tried to get Karina’s dog and two cats, which were found inside her home, by contacting animal control.

The grieving father continued, “If your daughter is being abused by someone out there, don’t go away. Hold onto it. Never accept “no” as an answer. Regardless of what anyone says, you feel accountable.

On Monday, Landaeta will be charged. It’s unclear if he has retained counsel to make a statement.

According to a GoFundMe created for Karina, her family was “broken-hearted by her brutal murder” and that she was “tragically beheaded on Thursday.” Of its $25,000 target, the page had already raised more than $12,600 as of Friday night.

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