Angelo Mathews Becomes First Timed Out in International Cricket

Angelo Mathews Becomes First Timed Out
Angelo Mathews Becomes First Timed Out

On Monday, Sri Lankan batsman Angelo Mathews, in an odd turn of events, became the first cricketer in the annals of international cricket to be “timed out.”

The occurrence transpired at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in New Delhi, India, during the ODI World Cup match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Mathews was the subsequent batter in after Lankan batsman Sadeera Samarawickrama was dismissed in the 25th over of the innings; however, he appeared to experience difficulties with the strap of his headgear and took the strike belatedly.

Helmet complications caused the former Lankan captain to require more than two minutes to adopt the batting position. During this interval, Shakib Al Hasan, the captain of Bangladesh, filed an appeal that was affirmed by the on-field umpire.

A batter is required to be prepared to receive the next ball within three minutes of a player’s retirement or dismissal, per MCC regulation 40.1 (Timed Out).

However, the ICC World Cup 2023 playing conditions stipulate that the batsman has a mere two minutes to complete their set. Although the substitute had the correct helmet on hand, it was useless because he had already been declared out. Matthews engaged in a lively debate with the arbiter and unsuccessfully attempted to clarify the situation to Shakib.

After a prolonged exchange of arguments with the umpires, the batter ultimately withdrew from the field in exasperation and with a trembling head. He discarded his headwear without delay following his crossing of the boundary.

What is Timed Out?

Timed out is a rare type of dismissal in cricket in which a batter fails to be ready to face the ball within three minutes of the previous wicket falling or the previous batter retiring. The fielding team may challenge the dismissal to the umpire, and the bowler is not given credit for the wicket.

Angelo Mathews Becomes First Timed Out
Angelo Mathews Becomes First Timed Out

The approaching hitter must be ready to receive the ball, or the other batter must be ready to receive the next ball, within 3 minutes after the dismissal or retirement, according to the ICC World Cup 2023 playing standards.

What Happened to Mathews?

After Sadeera Samarawickrama was out on the second delivery of the 25th over, Mathews was set to bat at number six for Sri Lanka. Matthews, on the other hand, was having problems with his helmet strap and was unable to get ready in time to take the crease.

Shakib Al Hasan, Bangladesh’s captain and bowler, appealed to the umpires for Mathews’ timed-out dismissal, and after a brief discussion, the umpires raised their fingers to declare Mathews out.

Mathews was visibly upset by the decision and fought with the umpires and Bangladesh players. As he walked back to the pavilion, he tossed his helmet to the ground. He did not face a single ball in the match and became the first batsman in international cricket to be timed out.

What Was the Reaction?

The timed-out removal of Mathews aroused much debate and controversy among cricket fans and experts. Some condemned Mathews for being thoughtless and irresponsible, while others complimented Bangladesh for being alert and intelligent.

Others defended Mathews and accused Bangladesh of being petty and unsportsmanlike. Some also questioned the umpires’ decision and the rule’s legality.

Mickey Arthur, Sri Lanka’s coach, voiced his disgust and frustration at the incident, calling it a “terrible way” to lose a batter. He also stated that Mathews was “upset” and felt “hard done by.”

Bangladesh coach Russell Domingo expressed surprise at the decision, calling it a “strange situation.”He also stated that he had “no objection” to Shakib’s appeal because it was “within the rules of the game.”The ICC has yet to publish a statement or clarify the situation, and it is unclear whether any action will be taken against Mathews, Shakib, or the umpires. Please visit our site again for further information on this topic.

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