Amber Heard Is Appealing Her Ex-husband Johnny Depp Defamation Case Loss

According to a copy of the appeal that Current got, Amber Heard’s lawyers officially appealed her loss in a defamation case brought by Johnny Depp. They said that there were several mistakes in the trial.

The appeal says that some of the mistakes were that the case was tried in Virginia and that the court wrongly stopped Heard from presenting some evidence.

Attorneys for Heard pointed to the fact that Depp lost a libel case against Britain’s Sun newspaper in November 2020. In that case, Depp was called a “wife beater,” and the case was thrown out.

The appeal also says that Depp’s team didn’t prove “actual malice” and that the jury wasn’t given the right information about what “actual malice” meant in the case.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Depp’s lawyers filed an appeal against the court’s decision to give Heard $2 million in early November.

The case will now be heard by a panel of three judges from the Court of Appeals, says the LA Times. Current has reached out to the attorneys for Heard and Depp for comment.

Depp said that Heard had said bad things about him in an opinion piece she wrote for the Washington Post in 2018.

The jury gave Depp $10 million in damages to make up for what happened and $5 million in damages as punishment. As previously reported, a judge in Virginia reduced the punitive damages to $350,000 due to legal limitations.

The jury also gave Heard $2 million in compensatory damages, but they didn’t give her any money for punitive damages for her cross-complaint, which was about Depp’s lawyer saying things about her abuse claims that were false.

Heard sent the appeal to the Virginia Court of Appeals on November 23, the appeal says.

Heard’s agent at WME, Jessica Kovacevic, wouldn’t talk to current Range Media Partners, which represents Depp, and also didn’t answer Current’s request for a comment.

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