Marcus Jordan Net Worth: The Son of a Legend and a Successful Entrepreneur

Marcus Jordan Net Worth
Marcus Jordan Net Worth
Marcus Jordan is the youngest son of Michael Jordan, a basketball legend and the world’s wealthiest former professional athlete. Marcus, however, is not solely dependent on his father’s celebrity and riches. As a businessman, podcaster, and sneakerhead, he has forged his way. This article will look at Marcus Jordan’s net worth, profession, and personal life.

Marcus Jordan Net Worth

Marcus Jordan’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million, according to several sources. While this is commendable for someone in his early thirties, it pales in comparison to his father’s enormous riches. Michael Jordan’s net worth is projected to be $1.6 billion, making him the world’s richest former professional athlete.


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Marcus Jordan’s net worth is primarily derived from his business activities and investments over the years, which have contributed to his net worth growth. His company, Trophy Room, also pays him about $500,000 per year.

Marcus Jordan Career

Marcus Jordan played basketball in high school and college, following in the footsteps of his father. From 2009 to 2012, he was a member of the University of Central Florida (UCF), where he averaged 12.3 points per game in his junior year. He chose not to pursue a professional basketball career, instead focusing on his passion for footwear.

In 2016, Marcus Jordan opened Trophy Room, a high-end sneaker store that took inspiration from his father’s trophy room at their family home. Nike, Jordan Brand, and Upper Deck authentic footwear, gear, and collectibles are available at the store.

Additionally, the store offers a selection of unique and rare Air Jordans, some of which Marcus himself designed. Trophy Room has a sizable fan base, with over 414k Instagram followers.

Marcus Jordan is also a co-founder of Heir Inc., a holding company that intends to establish a community platform for athletes and fans, as well as other businesses such as an entertainment studio and consumer products. Thrive Capital served as the company’s lead investor in 2023, raising $10.6 million.

Marcus Jordan also co-hosts a podcast with his spouse, Larsa Pippen, the ex-wife of Michael Jordan’s former colleague Scottie Pippen. The podcast, Separation Anxiety, discusses their relationship, sports, and entertainment.

Marcus Jordan’s Personal Life

Marcus Jordan is the youngest of Michael Jordan’s three children with his ex-wife, Juanita Vanoy. He has a brother named Jeffrey and a sister named Jasmine. From his father’s second marriage to Yvette Prieto, he has two half-sisters, Victoria and Ysabel.

Marcus Jordan Net Worth

Marcus Jordan is currently seeing Larsa Pippen, a woman 18 years his senior. Larsa Pippen filed for divorce from Scottie Pippen in 2018, and the couple made their romance public in April 2023. Marcus and Larsa have been sighted together at several events and on social media, where they frequently show their love and support for one another.

Marcus Jordan is not just the proud son of a legend, but he is also a successful entrepreneur and sneakerhead. While being true to his passion and ideals, he has developed his brand and net worth. He exemplifies how to make one’s legacy while honoring one’s ancestors.

How Old is Marcus Jordan?

Marcus Jordan was born on December 24, 1990, making him 32 years old on his final birthday in 2022. He is the son of former NBA player Michael Jordan and his first wife, Juanita Vanoy, and was born in New York City, New York, USA.

Marcus Jordan was a shooting guard for the University of Central Florida Knights during his college career. He also spent time playing professionally in the NBA G League and overseas leagues.

Real Name Michael Jeffrey Jordan
Nick Name Marcus Jordan
Date of Birth February 17, 1963
Age 60 years old
Height 198cm (6’ 6”)
Weight 198 pounds (90 kg)
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, United States
Gender Male
Profession American basketball player
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Education Emsley A. Laney High School, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Sexual Orientation Straight
Kids/Children Name Marcus Jordan, Ysabel Jordan, Jeffrey Jordan, Jasmine Jordan, and Victoria Jordan
Parents Michael Jordan, Juanita Vanoy
Divorce Juanita Vanoy (m. 1989-2006)
Spouse Yvette Prieto (m. 2013)

How Tall is Marcus Jordan?

Marcus Jordan was a basketball player at the University of Central Florida. Marcus Jordan, the son of basketball legend Michael Jordan, drew attention from fans and the media alike for his performance on the floor. Many people were curious about Marcus Jordan’s height and weight, in addition to his basketball ability.

Marcus Jordan is 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 meters) tall, which is taller than the average height for a man in the United States.

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