What Was Karl Wallinger Net Worth At The Time Of His Passing?

Karl Wallinger Net Worth
Karl Wallinger Net Worth

The music world mourns the loss of Karl Wallinger, known for his roles in The Waterboys and later, World Party, who passed away at the age of 66. According to his publicist, the musician died on Sunday.

Wallinger, a Welsh-born frontman, founded World Party in 1986 after leaving The Waterboys, and their debut album “Private Revolution” featured hits like “Ship Of Fools.” With his passing, many wonder about his net worth at the time of his death. Let us find out!!

Karl Wallinger’s Net Worth

The exact amount of Karl Wallinger’s net worth has not been made public yet. Wallinger, who started his career as a keyboardist with many bands after being born in Wales in 1957, also served as the musical director of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in London for a brief period. He joined Waterboys in 1983 and played several instruments on their first three records. He left the band after the tour for their 1985 album This Is The Sea.

He helped make Sinead O’Connor’s first record, The Lion and the Cobra and also formed the band World Party. On the first two World Party albums, O’Connor provided background vocals.

Karl Wallinger's Net Worth
Karl Wallinger’s Net Worth

The artist was in charge of the music for the 1994 movie “Reality Bites,” which stars Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder. A year later, he also worked on the music for Clueless. Wallinger helped make the album Big Blue Ball, which was led by Peter Gabriel and made in the 1990s but came out in 2008.

Karl Wallinger’s Death

At the age of 66, Karl Wallinger, who appeared in World Party after The Waterboys, passed away. His publicist said that musician Wallinger died on Sunday. The lead singer, who was born in Wales, started World Party soon after leaving The Waterboys in 1986. They recorded their first album, Private Revolution, which included hits like “Ship of Fools.”

Mike Scott, the founder of The Waterboys, was one of the people who paid respect to him on Twitter. He wrote, “Travel on well my old friend. You are one of the finest musicians I’ve ever known.”

Curt Smith of Tears For Fears said on X, “Very sad news, I was a big fan of Karl’s.”
Chesney  Hawkes, a singer, said,  “We lost one of the all-time greats today. Karl Wallinger was a beautiful soul and a genius songwriter. Rest in peace old friend, I hope you find the rainbow…Now stop what you’re doing and go listen to #Worldparty.”
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Who Is Karl Wallinger’s Wife?

Karl Wallinger was married to Suzie Zamit. She studied sculpting as a fine art at City & Guilds of London Art School. The British sculptor and artist has been a member of the Society of Portrait Sculptors since 1997.

Here is an Instagram post for your perusal:

During the London Olympics, she presented statues of gymnasts at the British Library, Heathrow T5, and Art on the Edge in an exhibition.

For the Royal Mint in 2009, Suzie also made a gold coin of Charles Darwin and a gold pound. Her art, mostly drawings of people and animals, can be found in private museums all over Europe.

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