Kym Whitley Weight Loss Journey: During The Pandemic, Know How Did Kym Whitley Lose 26 Pounds with WW.

kym whitley weight loss
kym whitley weight loss

Kym Whitley, a stand-up comedian, has joined the list of celebrities who have proudly displayed significant weight loss. The “Young & Hungry” star lost 25 pounds during the COVID pandemic.

Kym Whitley is best known for her roles in sitcoms such as “Animal Practice,” “The Boondocks,” “Young & Hungry,” and “The Parkers.” The American actress was recognized for a 2004 BET Comedy Award for Best Supporting Performance in a Box Office Movie for her role as ‘Ormandy’ in the 2003 comedy film ‘Deliver Us From Eva.’

The actress took her health into her own hands as the country was shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak, tired of feeling run down and diagnosed as prediabetic.

Whitley joined Weight Watchers in March 2020 and encouraged her female friends to do the same. After five months, Whitley claimed to have lost roughly 25 pounds.

Get all the information on how the comedian was able to lose 25 pounds.

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Who Is Kym Whitley?

Kym Elizabeth Whitley is an American comedian and actress who was born on July 21, 1961. Animal Practice, The Boondocks, Young & Hungry, The Parkers, and Black Dynamite are among her most well-known television roles. For her work as Ormandy in the 2003 comedy film Deliver Us From Eva, Whitley was nominated for a BET Comedy Award in 2004 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Box Office Film.

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Kym Whitley Weight Loss Journey: Shed 25 Pounds in Five Months

Kym Whitley has attempted to lose weight several times in the past. However, she was unable to alter her eating habits and regained all of her previous weight. So she decided to try something new this time.

On August 9, 2020, the “Animal Practice” star disclosed her dramatic weight loss in an Instagram post that included before and after photographs. The 60-year-old proudly displayed her small waist and flat tummy while laying her hands on her slender midsection in a tight-fitting green gown.

Whitley stated in the caption that she began the Weight Watchers program five months ago and has already lost 25 pounds of her 40-pound goal. She boasted about how comfortable she felt in her outfit, writing:

“I am so thankful to my Posse and my @ww coaches! The most exciting thing is I don’t HAVE to wear a Spanx all the time!!”

Whitley is still on the WW program as of December 2021, and her current images indicate a thinner body than she had last year, indicating that she has likely exceeded her 40-pound goal.

She enrolled in the WW program, which assists people with their fitness goals. Kym stuck with the training and picked up some new tricks to help her stay motivated on her path. She didn’t believe in weight loss programs before, but this one worked for her.

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Kym Whitley Before And After Pictures

Kym Whitley Before And After
Kym Whitley Before And After
Before And After Pictures
Before And After Pictures

Did Kym Whitley Undergo Surgery To Lose Weight?

Kym didn’t lose weight through undergoing weight loss surgery. She chose the natural route to better health, and it worked perfectly. Kym lost weight by eating well and exercising little.

Diet Program

She was on a WW diet, which included all the vegetables, snacks, and healthful dishes. Once a week, Kym had taco soup. Drinking a lot of water, on the other hand, was extremely beneficial to her. This is a crucial suggestion. Water keeps your stomach full, thus anyone who shed 90 percent of their weight did it by consuming a lot of it. Kym ha

Overeating can be avoided by drinking enough water. It’s simple to incorporate into your regular routine. So, if you’re having trouble losing weight, start doing it right now.

Workout Routine

Kym was not a regular gym-goer. She kept her body moving by running on the treadmill and performing other small tasks. When you’re on the phone, she recommends getting up and moving. So, if you’re using your phone, don’t just sit there and start moving around. This keeps your body in a state of activity.

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Kym Whitley Personal Life

Joshua, Whitley’s adoptive son, was born in January of 2011. Because the boy is the biological child of a lady Whitley has been mentoring for several years, her journey to becoming a mother is unusual.

The mom left the boy at the hospital after giving birth to him and named Whitley as his legal guardian before fleeing. Whitley got a call from a social worker alerting her of the situation, and she became a mother an hour later.

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