Tom Cruise Teeth Before And After

Tom Cruise Teeth Before And After

Tom Cruise’s terrific smile comes to mind: large white teeth in proper symmetry, a grin that dazzles you time and time again. One of Hollywood’s biggest performers didn’t always have that million-dollar mug, which may surprise you. Cruise is just one of several celebrities who have had their teeth whitened by a cosmetic dentist.

Cruise made the correct decision to undergo cosmetic dentistry operations early in his career. You probably wouldn’t recognize him without his trademark choppers. For actresses, singers, politicians, and even athletes, having great-looking teeth is crucial.

Tom Cruise, an excellent American actor, has dominated the movies since the 1980s. And, throughout his career, his talent has remained consistent. Tom Cruise’s teeth, on the other hand, are a different story. The multiple-Oscar nominee’s smile was legendary. Even Tom Cruise’s smile, which has become one of his best attributes, had a humble beginning.

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Tom Cruise’s Smile: What Was Wrong With It?

Tom Cruise’s smile was far from perfect. Cruise’s teeth had not yet undergone full cosmetic dentistry work when he initially rose to stardom.

Time Cruise’s smile was noticeably crooked, and one of his incisors stood out unnaturally. His top incisor took over his dental midline, which was off-grid.

Time Cruise’s teeth were damaged as well as misaligned. Overall, his smile didn’t meet Hollywood’s expectations.

Tom Cruise Teeth Before And After

Cruise Teeth Before And After
Cruise Teeth Before And After
Tom Cruise Middle Teeth Before And After
Tom Cruise Middle Teeth Before And After

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How Did Tom Cruise Fix His Teeth: Story Behind the Actor’s ‘Middle Tooth’

Tom Cruise’s teeth had to be fixed over a period of years, and the actor had to undergo extensive treatment. Tom Cruise couldn’t just go for the Hollywood Smile treatment to achieve the great smile he has now. Tom Cruise had to have braces first because his teeth were dangerously misaligned.

Tom Cruise reportedly had braces for his teeth at the age of 40 and chose ceramic braces. These braces are frequently color-matched to your teeth, making them virtually invisible. But that was in 2002, and there are now current solutions if you want braces without the chunkiness. There are Invisalign and bilingual braces available.

Tom Cruise’s teeth were straightened and his dental midline was restored thanks to the braces. In aesthetic dentistry, orthodontic treatment is always the initial step. Getting your teeth in the appropriate alignment makes it easier to make minor adjustments to your smile. Because it’s easier to spot other structural issues and select for the Hollywood Smile when your smile is straight.

While many people believe Tom Cruise was too old to get braces when he did, adult braces are actually quite normal.

Tom Cruise’s teeth have been whitened to give them a more natural appearance. The star has recently improved his treatments, opting for veneers for the ultimate smile.

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Story Behind the Actor’s ‘Middle Tooth’


Although it may not appear so, the Edge of Tomorrow actor — who was only 20 years old at the time — began his acting career with a set of chompers that were discolored and misaligned. Tom originally rectified the problem with tooth whitening and alignment operations, according to Highline.

June 2002

Tom didn’t want to bring notice to his face while trying to repair his teeth in 2001, despite having one of the most recognizable smiles in the world. Fortunately, he was able to choose ceramic brackets and undetectable braces.

Tom was soon out and about, smiling as if nothing had happened!

May 2010

Tom wore a set of beautifully shaped white chompers to the Jerry Bruckheimer Hand and Footprint Ceremony. We couldn’t be more impressed with the makeover his teeth underwent when he attended the Hollywood function in 2010, 25 years after his part in The Outsiders.

June 2012

The Hollywood veteran debuted a new hairstyle and his well-known grin during the premiere of Rock of Ages in 2012. The asymmetry of his smile can be seen in the cupid’s bow of his lip. Since his debut at the age of 19, Tom has never ceased gracing the silver screen and bagging memorable parts.

12th of December

Tom attended a benefit showing of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, the film in which he starred, in 2012. He traveled to Knoxville to raise money for “Variety — The Children’s Charity of Eastern Tennessee,” and he was all smiling on the red carpet. Aside from his center tooth, some admirers remarked that his left incisor appeared to be larger than his right.

June 2017

Tom flashed a pearly whites-showing smile during an interview at a Mummy fan gathering in New York City. When you look closely, you can see that his right tooth is aligned with his nose. Despite this flaw, his smile has come a very long way from his days as Steve Randle.

July 2019

While Tom has never said exactly what he had performed, many dentists believe he had porcelain veneers and most likely whitening treatments in addition to his braces.

April 2021

We believe that Tom’s smile is more attractive than ever in 2021!

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