Alone Contestants Before And After: Where Have All the Alone Winners Gone?

Alone Contestants Before And After
Alone Contestants Before And After

Most of us can only dream of being able to survive in the wild without any technological comforts. However, there is a particular group that finds something attractive about being self-sufficient. Such seasoned survivalists are pitted against one another in “Alone” and given the challenge of seeing how long they can last in the woods.

Ten particular items can be chosen by each contender to bring on the trip. They are left to fend for themselves after being dropped off separately. The show forgoes a TV crew in favour of asking the competitors to self-document their experiences in order to heighten the sense of reality. Let’s look at the former winners and where they are right now as season 8 approaches.

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First season: Alan Kay

Alan Kay, the champion of Season 1, lived in the wild for 56 days. Alan said it took him some time to adjust to modern life after winning the competition. Alan had a wife and kids when he made an appearance on the programme. According to reports, Alan has now gone through a divorce. Additionally, there are rumours that Alan is dating Nicole Apelian, a contestant on the second season of “Alone,” and he even appears on her Instagram page.

Even though there have been reports that they are dating, the rumour has not been verified. Currently, Alan Kay owns and runs Wildland Studies Group, a company that offers seminars on self-defence, survival skills, and staying prepared. In addition to hosting classes all across the country, Alan may also be reached by email if you want more details.

David McIntyre, Second season

David McIntyre, who made it through 66 days in the wilderness, won the season 2 competition. After winning the contest, David returned to his regular routine. He started spouting and public speaking in addition to teaching online courses on YouTube about bushcraft. In order to share his knowledge and skills on survivalism, he also participated in a number of events and programmes.

Additionally, David is a prominent author who is author of the “The Fall” post-apocalyptic fiction series. When his daughter Erin McIntyre developed a serious illness in 2020, David and his family faced difficult times and were forced to hold fundraisers to support her.

In a 2020 interview with WZZM, David McIntyre discussed how the survival techniques he used to win season 2 of Covid-19 could aid society in adjusting to the new normal.

The effects of being completely alone in the wilderness on David’s mental state were also discussed, and David offered advice on how to get through that stage while engaging in social distancing. David quit using social media in 2020, thus nobody knows where he is right now. But it appears that the seasoned survivor is passing his days in solitude, shielded from inquisitive eyes.

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Zachary Fowler, Third Season

Argentina’s Patagonia served as the participants’ wilderness for Season 3. Zachary Fowler has been crowned the victor after persevering for an astounding 87 days. Zachary spent a portion of his winnings from “Alone” to buy his wife a new vehicle. Zachary also claimed that he planned to build a house and paid off his debts in order to make life simpler for his family. Unfortunately, Zachary and his wife Jami Fowler filed for divorce in May 2018.

Later on in “Alone,” Jami revealed that she had to deal with a great deal of strain and anxiety after losing her brother. After the programme, they made an effort to patch things up, but they were never able to restore their relationship to how it had been.

The couple did choose to keep a cordial relationship and co-parent their kids, though. Zachary currently manages a hugely popular YouTube channel and lures viewers in with his pleasant personality. His videos provide practical survival advice, although in a funny way. Additionally, a lot of his content is devoted to slingshot-related activities.

Jim and Ted Baird, season 4

Even after their stint on the show, Jim and Ted continued their active lifestyle. Jim Baird performed a number of perilous expeditions, including an alone voyage down the perilous Kesagami river.

Along with his brother, he also began writing for a number of well-known periodicals and produced a few video series. Ted, on the other hand, is now a videographer and photographer who has worked with BBC and Cineflix among other publications and broadcasters.

Even after their stint on the show, Jim and Ted continued their active lifestyle. Jim Baird performed a number of dangerous adventures, including an alone voyage down the perilous Kesagami river.

Along with his brother, he also began writing for a number of well-known periodicals and produced a few video series. Ted, on the other hand, is now a videographer and photographer who has worked with BBC and Cineflix among other publications and broadcasters.

On the network belief, the brothers debuted a brief original series in 2018. The brothers aimed to convey to their audience their first-hand experiences through the series. Tori and Jim Baird are now wed, and they are happy parents to their kids. With his wife Heather, Ted enjoys the outdoors as well.

The pair frequently goes on trips and shares their experiences online. They are not parents themselves, but they share Bella, their gorgeous dog. Additionally, each brother has his own YouTube channel where they post their personal essays and survivalist advice.

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Sam Larson, fifth season

Sam Larson, the youngest winner of “Alone,” endured for 60 days in order to collect the award in season 5. While Sam was out on Vancouver Island, Sydney, his wife, was already expecting their first child. The couple welcomed their first child, Alaska, two months after Sam went back to his home country.

Alaska is one of the three children Sam and his wife currently have. In 2018 they had a daughter, and in 2020 they had another boy. Sam is a family man, and his social media accounts are proof of his passion for his loved ones. Sam also enjoys teaching and regularly gives classes on bushcraft and survival techniques.

Jordan Jonas, sixth season

Season 6 champion In the woods, Jordan Jonas survived for 77 days. Jordan currently teaches a variety of adventure and survival courses, just like many of his fellow participants. He also runs a popular YouTube channel where he frequently shares his adventures and offers brief advice on how to survive in the wild.

Additionally, Jordan has a tiny storefront on his website where he sells a few unique pieces of memorabilia. Additionally, he has been discussed in a number of publications and podcasts, such as “The Joe Rogan Experience” and a recent article in the renowned hunting periodical “Modern Huntsman.”

He and his wife, Janahlee, are proud parents of their amazing children and are happily married. Jordan’s entire family enjoys the outdoors with him and frequently joins him on his travels.

His sentimental Instagram post, which said, “Time on Alone, time away from family and free of distraction, allowed me plenty of time to think on what’s important once everything else is taken away,” gives insight into how much he values his wife and kids. It becomes obvious that spending quality time with family and loved ones is the most valuable thing you can do, so maybe you can benefit from my experience.

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Roland Welker, seventh season

Every contestant in Season 7 was required to spend 100 days in the wild in order to win. Roland Welker was the only participant to have survived for 100 days on “Alone” because he accepted the challenge and overcame it.

After his time on “Alone,” Roland decided to take a break from living in the wild and see his father, who resides in Central Pennsylvania. Roland is currently using his advanced hunting and trapping talents while returning to his natural home.

In addition to appearing in numerous magazines and podcasts, Roland also participates in a number of events where he hopes to motivate others by sharing his story. In addition to being active across all social media sites, Roland also maintains a YouTube channel with interesting videos for fans of survival.

Additionally, he has stated that he would want to plan camping vacations in Pennsylvania and Alaska to meet others who appreciate the outdoors. For Roland, living in the wilderness has a particular allure, and it appears that he won’t be giving it up anytime soon.

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