Is WhatsApp Down Now? People are facing problems & Twitter Trends with Whatsapp Down!

Is WhatsApp Down Now?

Numerous users are reporting problems with the app’s text sending and receiving capabilities, which suggests that WhatsApp may be experiencing a bug. The number of people reporting the outage of WhatsApp has sharply increased, according to Downdetector, a company that measures online outages throughout the world.

With more than 6000 reports posted online, Downdetector is reporting a significant increase. Users are dissatisfied because their messages are not getting through. The app does not indicate delivery status even when the messages are delivered.

The outage monitoring service DownDetector reveals that thousands of customers are experiencing problems with WhatsApp. According to the website’s heat map, affected areas include important cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Lucknow, but we worry that consumers worldwide are being impacted.

We can confirm that WhatsApp Web’s web client is no longer connecting, and it looks that this outage is also affecting WhatsApp Web. An error message similar to the one below will be displayed to anyone attempting to use WhatsApp Web.

Although WhatsApp hasn’t made an official announcement about it yet, further details should be available soon. Watch this space for additional developments.

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