Joyce Dahmer Died: How Did Joyce Dahmer Die? What Went Wrong With Her?

joyce dahmer died
joyce dahmer died

Joyce Dahmer, the mother of David and Jeffrey Dahmer, struggled with mental illness while raising them. She never got over the guilt she felt when she found out what her sons had done wrong.

Criminologists talked to Joyce Dahmer to find out more about her son, Jeffrey Dahmer, who was found guilty of killing 17 boys and men between 1978 and 1991 and was found to be a cannibal.

The Struggle And Fight Against Depression

Joyce Dahmer, who was also known as Joyce Flint, was born in Wisconsin on February 7, 1936. Floyd and Lillian, her parents, had families from both Norway and Germany. Donald was her younger brother, and he died in 2011.

Joyce was in charge of the Central Valley AIDS Team’s caseloads. She had a master’s degree in counseling. Joyce Dahmer was depressed and always worried about getting sick.

She spent more and more time in bed and had to care for all the time. She often took laxatives, drugs to help her sleep, and Equanil. Not much time was spent with her family. Joyce Dahmer, her husband, and their neighbors got into fights.

Even though we don’t know when she married Lionel Dahmer, we do know that their first son, Jeffrey, was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on May 21, 1960. In 1966, soon after moving to Doylestown, Ohio, with her family, Joyce had her second son, David Dahmer.

In 1978, it was found out that Joyce had a boyfriend or girlfriend. In 1978, when Jeffrey was 18, his parents decided to end their marriage of over 19 years. After she and Lionel got a divorce, she moved to Fresno, California, with their son David. She had many jobs there, including running a retirement community in the 1980s.

But it would be wrong to say that the Dahmer family is all American. Lionel admitted in his book, A Father’s Story, that his family was not a happy one. Lionel spent a lot of time away from home because he was busy studying for his own doctorate.

And Lionel says that Joyce Dahmer wasn’t the best mother in the world. He said that she took prescription drugs while she was pregnant with Jeffrey and that after she gave birth, her mind was all over the place.

Joyce, on the other hand, had a unique story to tell. In an interview with MSNBC in 1993, she said that the story about her son was not true.

Even though Jeffrey Dahmer’s father said that Jeffrey Dahmer was shy and quiet as a child, Joyce said that there were no signs of what Jeffrey Dahmer would become. Joyce Dahmer moved to the Fresno, California, area right before the murders of her son Jeffrey were found.

She worked with HIV and AIDS patients when they were thought to be untouchable, which is different from what her husband said, which was that she was an obsessive germaphobe who feared getting sick.

Even after her son was killed in prison, she kept working with him.

Joyce Dahmer’s Failed Attempt To Suicide

No matter if Jeffrey Dahmer’s parents were to blame or not, Joyce Dahmer felt so bad about her son’s crimes that she tried to kill herself.

A few months before Jeffrey was killed in jail, Joyce Dahmer turned on her gas oven and left the door open. UPI says that Joyce was found face down in her kitchen on Tuesday after she turned on her gas oven but left the door open.

“Living has been lonely lately. Please have my body burned. In her note, she said, “I love my two sons, Jeff and David.” She did not succeed in killing herself in the end.

How Did She Die?

Joyce Dahmer died at age 64 in 2000 from breast cancer. The Los Angeles Times said that Joyce Dahmer’s friends and coworkers chose to remember her for the work she did with the poor.

The executive director of a Fresno HIV community group called the Living Room, Julio Mastro, said of her that she was “energetic and sensitive, and she turned her own misfortune into a huge amount of empathy for people with HIV.”

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