How To Ask Someone To Hang Out? In Just 8 Super Easy Steps!

Ask Someone To Hang Out
Ask Someone To Hang Out

If you just met a new friend, you might want to ask them to hang out with you one-on-one. Even though it can feel like a big step, it doesn’t have to be very scary! Read these tips to find out how to ask someone to hang out in a fantastic, casual way. And we are sure after reading this post, you will be able to ask your new friends to hang out with you without any hesitation or awkwardness.

How To Ask Someone To Hang Out With You?

You want to hang out with a friend, but it’s hard to ask them because they always seem busy, so you don’t. How do you ask someone if they have time for something new? Experts say there are easy ways to ask someone to hang out. And below, we have given some easy steps that will help you to ask anyone you want to hang out with you.

 1. Use An Open-ended Offer To See How Interested They Are

Try this if you’re not sure if they want to hang out. A vague request is less detailed than a well-thought-out plan. This is a good way to find out how interested your younger friends are in hanging out with you.

Ask Someone To Hang Out
Ask Someone To Hang Out

Try saying something like:

  • “Do you want to go for a bike ride sometime soon?”
  • “We should go and check out that new coffee shop.”
  • “What days are you free most of the time? Want to get together sometime?”

 2. Keep Your Wording Relaxed

It can be a little off-putting to sound too serious. Instead of saying, “I’d like to invite you out on Saturday,” say something like, “Want to come to the game with me this weekend?” Your friend will more likely accept your offer if you sound more friendly.[2]

  • Say something like, “Hey Billy, how are you?” to start the chat. I hope everything is going well with you,” to start the talk.
  • Also, don’t say anything that makes fun of yourself. Something like, “It’s so hard for me to make friends… Wanna hang out?” can be a little scary and might put too much pressure on your friend.

 3. Find Out What They Have Planned For A Certain Day

If you have something planned, be more detailed. This works well for things like shows and other events for which you need passes. Tell your friends what task you had in mind so they know why you asked.

Ask Someone To Hang Out
Ask Someone To Hang Out

For instance:

  • “Do you have plans for the weekend after next? I was thinking about buying tickets to the downtown museum’s new show.
  • “What will you do after work on Thursday? The tickets aren’t too expensive so I will see my favorite band. Want to come along?”

 4. Invite Them To Something Short And Low-key

Try something quick and easy if you’re getting to know each other. Instead of asking someone to go camping for several days, start with drinks after work or a workout. If you and your friend have never hung out before, they will be more likely to say yes if they know it’s not a big deal.

  • If you’ve already hung out with your friend a few times, feel free to ask them for a giant hangout, like a boat trip or an afternoon of rock climbing.

 5. Set A Date, Time, And Place

So, your plans will be clear to everyone. You can say you’ll hang out “soon,” but that doesn’t mean much. If you want to hang out with your friend, plan when and where you’ll meet so you know it will happen.

Ask Someone To Hang Out
Ask Someone To Hang Out
  • You can confirm your plans by saying, “Okay, so drinks after work on Friday?” How do you get home?”
  • Or, “I’ll see you at the game on Saturday. When should I get there?”
  • Now would be a good time to write down your friend’s phone number if you don’t already have it. So, if you need to check something or get directions, you can text or call them.

 6. Add Them To The Ideas You Already Have For Groups

Please don’t add to your friend’s stress by going without them. If you’re already going somewhere with a group, ask if they want to come along. So, if they can’t go, they won’t feel too bad about being unable to.

Say something like:

  • “Hey, I was going to watch the game with friends at my place on Sunday. Feel free to drop by if you want to!”
  • Or, “This weekend, I’m going to meet some friends at the river, and I’d love it if you came along.”

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 7. Let Them Talk To You If They Don’t Know What To Do

Put the ball in your friend’s court if they won’t agree to plans. Tell them when you’re available, and make sure they have your phone number. Tell them to call or text you if they want to hang out at any time, or ask them to meet you somewhere specific.

You Can Try something like:

  • “I’m free all day on Saturday, so just call me if you want to hang out.”
  • “You can text me when you get home from work on Monday. Since it’s my day off, I won’t do much.”
  • “If you want to meet, I’ll be at the mall later. Text me if you decide to come!”

 8. If They Say No, Don’t Force It

It’s okay if your friend doesn’t seem interested. It doesn’t mean they don’t like you; they might be too busy or uninterested in your planned plans. If they say they’re not interested and don’t suggest anything else, it’s best to drop the idea and wait for your friend to develop something else.

Ask Someone To Hang Out
Ask Someone To Hang Out
  • People sometimes say “no” in a way that isn’t clear. They might say, “Right now, I’m just swamped,” or “I don’t have much free time.”
  • But if your friend says, “I’m busy tomorrow, but what about next week?” that means they want to hang out soon. Try to make time for them by working around their plan.

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