Gundam Evolution Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer And More

gundam evolution release dat
gundam evolution release dat

The Gundam Evolution release date and start time have been set for this week, and it won’t be long before fans are wreaking havoc in their favourite Mobile Suits.

The latest instalment in the expanding video game series will be a team-based FPS with more clashes between robot foes.

And the good news is that Gundam Evolution will be playable on the Steam platform in September 2022.

Gundam Evolution PC Release Date and Time

Bandai Namco has confirmed the date and time for Gundam Evolution’s PC release via Steam. The launch is scheduled for September 21, 2022, at 7 p.m. PT/10 p.m. ET/2 a.m. BST (on Thursday, September 22 in the UK).

Players in North America will have access to the new game before those in Europe. The developer also confirmed that the game will not be available on the Epic Games Store.

Furthermore, the development team has confirmed that certain aspects of the game will be available on Steam later this week. For example, EVO Coins will be available for purchase as of September 23, 2022, at 7:00 PM PT.

When will Gundam Evolution be released for PlayStation and Xbox?

Gundam Evolution will not be released on consoles until November 30, 2022, according to Bandai Namco. On December 1, 2022, Gundam Evolution will most likely be released on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox SeriesĀ  X|S.

“In addition, service for the console version is set to begin on December 1st, 2022.” (JST). “If you are still waiting for the console version, we thank you for your patience and ask that you wait a little longer for more information,” Bandai says in a message.

The eagerly anticipated first-person shooter is the developer’s first console platform service. As a result, they’ll run a number of technical tests to ensure everything runs smoothly. That is the primary reason for the delay in the release of Gundam Evolution on consoles.

Gameplay of Gundam Evolution

Gundam Evolution is a first-person shooter featuring a hero. In a 6 vs 6 battle, players choose from a variety of mobile suits, or Gundams. Each mobile suit has a different loadout, allowing for a variety of playstyles. Some use a spear-like melee weapon, such as the Barbatos (a Gundam from the anime series Iron-Blooded Orphans).

Others, such as the aptly named GM Sniper II, employ long-ranged weapons. Some Gundams even have a mix of short- and long-ranged weapons. It is up to the player to test them out and determine which Gundam best suits their playstyle. Gundam fans will recognise the Gundams in the game because they have all appeared in various content produced by the franchise.

The game features three objective-based game modes, which is standard for a hero shooter. Point Capture, Destruction, and Domination are the three game modes. Point Capture divides the game into two teams: attacking and defending. The attacking team’s job is to capture control points on the map in the correct order, while the defending team prevents this from happening.

Destruction, like Point Capture, has teams that are divided into Attackers and Defenders. The main distinction is that instead of capturing a point, the attacking team must destroy the objectives. Domination does not have an attacking or defending team, but players must compete for control of control points.

Gundam Evolution Trailer

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