The Alchemy Ascension Exam Guide: Mastering the Art of Potions

The Alchemy Ascension Exam Guide
The Alchemy Ascension Exam Guide

Discovering success in Genshin Impact’s Alchemical Ascension event involves navigating through a set of demanding trials, including the challenging Expert Exam.

Central to this event is the art of potion crafting, which necessitates a meticulous selection and blending of ingredients. To conquer the Expert Exam, players must possess an intricate comprehension of the game’s alchemy mechanics. Explore the strategies and insights needed to excel in the Expert Exam with our comprehensive guide to Genshin Impact.

The Alchemy Ascension Exam Guide

The Alchemy Ascension exam guide most likely refers to a specific occurrence in the game Genshin Impact. Here’s what you should know.

The Alchemy Ascension Exam Guide

Alchemical Ascension Event

This was a limited-time event in Genshin Impact 4.5. If you’re playing the current version of the game, this event will not be available.

The Exams

The event featured a series of Alchemy Exams in which you had to manufacture potions with specified properties to pass. There were four tests with increasing difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and expert.

Exam Requirements

Each exam requires a potion with distinct qualities. The substances used and the alchemical crafting process determined these properties. Even though the event is no longer available, the following resources can help you comprehend the exams:

  • Exam Guides: You can find online guides that detail the requirements for each exam and how to craft the necessary potions. Search for “Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Exam Guide”.
  • Video Guides: There are video guides on YouTube that walk you through each exam, showing you which ingredients to use and the crafting process. Search for “Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Exam Guide on YouTube.

What is the Expert Exam in Genshin Impact?

The primary goal of the Expert Exam is to create an expert-level potion with Charisma effectiveness. However, the difficulty goes beyond this single goal, as players must also complete a secondary objective: incorporate substances with specified properties, such as Steadiness and Perception.

How to Pass the Expert Exam in Alchemical Ascension?

To create the desired potion, players must carefully choose their ingredients. The following ingredients come highly recommended:

The Alchemy Ascension Exam Guide
  • Special Mist Flower (Strength): This ingredient is invaluable for its steadying characteristic, which aligns with the exam’s secondary objective.
  • Special Calla Lily (Constitution): Another source of the Steadying Characteristic.
  • Special Mint (Balanced): Recommended for its perception characteristics, addressing the secondary objective.
  • Special Berry (balanced): A versatile filler ingredient.
  • Special Marcotte (Charisma): Crucial for achieving the primary objective of Charisma efficacy.
  • Special Glaze Lily (Charisma): Contributes to both the primary objective (Charisma efficacy) and the secondary objective (Perception Characteristic).

To achieve the best results, players should seek to increase the potency of their substances. The Ingredient Analysis function in Cultivation is a wonderful tool for accomplishing this task.

Crafting the Potion

Once the high-level materials have been acquired, players can arrange them on the crafting board. The Expert Exam features five overlap places, allowing players to strategically overlap and rotate ingredients to fit them on the board.

  • One potential ingredient combination involves six Special Glaze Lilies surrounding the Special Marcotte, one Special Mint along one side, two Special Calla Lilies along the other side, and a Special Berry in a corner.
  • Alternatively, players can try seven Special Mints, two Special Marcottes, and two Special Mist Flowers.
  • Ultimately, the optimal combination will depend on the available ingredients and their respective levels.

Mastering the Expert Exam may take several attempts, but with careful planning and strategic ingredient placement, passing the test is possible.

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