Free Spins as a Marketing Tool


Free spins are types of bonuses that are built specially into slot games. It is a gambling concept used in offline and online casinos but mostly comes with terms and conditions. Nowadays, most online casinos offer different promotions, some of which may include free spins. As the name implies, it’s a bonus feature that will award you with additional spins to wager which you won’t have to pay for with your money.

In some casinos, free spins are activated upon registration on the site. When free spins are activated, you would typically receive a number of free spins allocated by the casino to play your favourite games.

Free spins work by giving you a chance to spin the reels for free without using your money and you can navigate to this website to get a shot at a potential win. Free spins are an essential part of slots, and we will explain how free spins are used by the casinos as a marketing tool.

Attracting new players

Online casinos use free spins as a marketing strategy to invite new players and also to keep existing ones. Many casinos offer free spins as a welcome bonus that increases the appeal of registering an account with the casino site. New players may be hesitant to try out games at a casino, but with free spins at zero cost, the casino is able to attract them to play.

Playing without Risk

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Casinos do not deal in giving customers free money, but with free spins – You can potentially get free money. When you spin the reel with free spins, wagering comes with no financial output from your pocket. Players are at no financial risk when they play with free spins and this has, in turn, been a successful marketing tool used by casinos to reel in customers.

Trying New Games

Online casinos generate more traffic for themselves by attaching promotional offers to new games. This can in turn help players engage the game on a trial basis using free spins. Through this, players play more when they have nothing to lose as a result of the opportunities presented to them

Potential winnings

Online casinos help players to potentially win by introducing free spins. This helps to boost the morale of both the players and also the company. This is because as the company is getting much engagement through the use of free spins, players have a shot at a potential win without wagering real money.

Player engagement

The more, the merrier! Online casinos use free spins to get more engagement on their site and their games. The allure of a past or potential win can increase the odds of player engagement with an online casino. If a player receives free spins on registration with a site, there is a high chance of inviting another player to enjoy the same promotional offer.

How do casinos profit from offering free spins?

The sole aim of online casinos is to get more players engagement. The more players that visit the casino site, the more traffic is generated for the site. By offering promotional tools such as free spins, online casinos are able to attract new players and keep existing players engaged.

Mostly there are always wagering requirements attached to free spins. When you win with free spins, you can’t just withdraw the money. There is always a certain amount that you need to wager from your own money or the money you won with free spins before you can cash out. This will encourage players to make more deposits and in turn, give casinos a chance to potentially make a profit.

Also, free spins create brand awareness and get people to try out the casino. The attraction of a “try for free” can potentially turn a new player into a regular customer. Even if a player does not win with the free spins, they might enjoy the game and decide to make a deposit to play further.

The fact that free spins help online casinos generate more website traffic cannot be understated. The traffic generated by players ultimately decides whether a casino will make a profit or not.


You can receive an even better percentage on your investment and with a bit of good fortune on your side, be chanced to cash out some profits when you play using free spins. All things being equal, the casino offers an exciting experience both online and offline for new players and existing ones alike. So perhaps it’s your first time playing in an online casino, check out the promotions section to discover which bonus offers are available for you. Knowing how to make good use of offers can help increase your chances of winning and reduce losses.

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