This Stray Mod Allow Your Cat Do The Heavy Rain Jason Scream Instead Of Meowing

This Stray Mod Let's Your Cat Do The Heavy Rain Jason Scream Instead Of Meowing

There are already a lot of easter eggs in Stray, such as references to Half-Life, Skyrim, and Gravity Falls, but there aren’t any at the moment for Heavy Rain. None, at least not ones that have been identified. By including a pretty clear reference to the celebrated game by Quantic Dream, a new mod seeks to correct that.

The version, simply named “Jason,” “replaces the user-inputted meowing with a begging appeal to find your lost son, you awful father,” according to its description. This results in requests for “Jason” at various levels and intensities instead of the typical assortment of meows.

The video below shows the mod in action. Jason’s name is repeatedly spoken by a cat that is simply attempting to play with the tail of another, more typical-sounding cat. More than a little, it breaks the immersion, but if PC mods were only about improving the experience, we wouldn’t have treasures like these.

Do you want your Stray mods to be more realistic? Anyone who actually owns a cat is aware that cats fart, just like all other living things with a digestive system. occasionally a lot. Although perhaps not as loudly or frequently as the Fart mod suggests, the maker of the cat simulation game Stray, BlueTwelve Studio, obviously neglected to include it.

Either mod is easy to install. Download the Jason mod from Nexus Mods, then extract the.pak file to Stray’s Paks folder, which is located by default at Steam\steamapps\common\Stray\Hk_project\Content\Paks. It only requires extracting the Farting mod into the Stray’s Steam folder, which makes it a little simpler.

On Nexus Mods, there are also some helpful mods, such as the Splitscreen mode for players who want a more cooperative setting and the “Slightly Fat Cat” mod, which depicts Stray’s cat in a manner that will be more recognizable to cat owners. You should definitely look through the list to determine which mods might improve your cat simulation experience.

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