Where Was “Virgin River” Filmed, And Is That Location Real?

Virgin River Filmed And The Location Real

Everything you need to know about the popular Netflix romance’s filming locations, with season 4 now available to stream.

With the release of Virgin River season 4 on Netflix, viewers can return to the village in northern California.

The issue surrounding Mel’s pregnancy is immediately addressed in the new season, along with Brady’s whereabouts and whether or not he actually shot Jack.

Hope is also back in Virgin River after undergoing brain surgery following a vehicle accident at the end of season 3.

However, the town’s picturesque setting has truly drawn people in for season 4.

Is the picture-perfect town a real location or a creation of fiction? Here is all the information you need to know about Virgin River season 4’s filming locations.

Where was the movie Virgin River shot?

Although the series is set in California, much of the filming actually takes place in Vancouver, Canada; additional places used for the series’ production include Burnaby, Port Coquitlam, and Squamish.

Conde Nast Traveler claims that “typical small-town settings in the area” were used to film Pioneer Avenue in Agassiz for the Welcome to Virgin River segment.

In addition, Snug Cove in British Columbia is another location used; Virgin River is the most recent production to be shot there, joining Bird on a Wire, the 2006 version of The Wicker Man, and 2009’s The Uninvited.

Believe it or not, Doc’s home is a five-bedroom Victorian mansion in New Westminster, and Mel’s cabin is a real residence that is currently occupied by the custodian of Murdo Frazer Park in North Vancouver.

Is there a real Virgin River?

Virgin River, which appears in the series, is a small, tightly-knit community in northern California.

Unfortunately, Virgin River is not a genuine place, so hold off on buying a plane ticket if you were expecting to visit the idyllic-looking village. The majority of the series’ filming is done in Vancouver, Canada.

Virgin River is filmed where?

Some fans may feel as though Virgin River is a genuine area because it is so realistically rendered, yet Virgin River is entirely made up.

You will have to search elsewhere if you want to establish a new life in a rural community as Mel did because there isn’t a place called Virgin River in Northern California.

The series creator, Robyn Carr, recently admitted to Entertainment Weekly that she frequently gets asked where the town is located and has to “remind them that it only exists in our hearts and minds.”

Carr does, however, agree that virtually everywhere may have Virgin River’s vibes.

To support her point, she said, “but we may also have that sense of community in our own neighborhood, school, church, community center, or library association. “Trying to build it is all we have to do,”

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Where is Virgin River’s Jack’s Bar located?

Where was the movie Virgin River’s Jack’s Bar made? Jack’s Bar exterior scenes are filmed at the Watershed Grill in Brackendale, British Columbia, right next to the Squamish River.

Where in Virgin River is Mel’s cabin?

Mel and Jack’s river sequences were also shot in Squamish. The caretaker’s residence at Murdo Frazer Park, which is situated on Vancouver’s North Shore, is Mel’s charming cottage. The 1950-built cabin is now only used for filmmaking.

Where is the Virgin River’s actual river located?

It’s crucial to remember that the Virgin River, a tiny tributary of the Colorado River, is a real body of water in the United States. Technically speaking, that implies that you are still able to travel to the Virgin River, but sadly without Jack, Mel, and the other key characters who make the show what it is.

Is the Virgin River character Jack married?

Martin Henderson has a wife, then? It is said that Martin Henderson is unmarried. The 47-year-old actor is not married, but he recently dated model Aisha Mendez, and the two even spent time together in a hotel in New Zealand. However, it is said that the couple broke up earlier this year.