Titans Season 4 Release Date Update As Hbo Reveals First Look At Joseph Morgan’s Brother Blood

titans season 4

This fall sees the return of a slew of popular series. Titans, based on the comic books, will return for its fourth season on HBO Max in November. The Titans have battled a slew of dangerous villains in their first three seasons, but this fall they’ll likely confront their toughest nemesis yet. Brother Blood, the legendary Titans villain, is the major bad guy this season, and we now have our first look at Joseph Morgan’s interpretation of the character courtesy of concept art.

The concept illustration, which depicts Blood in his comic-accurate attire, was shared on the Titans’ official social media sites. This version of the character is based on George Perez’s New Teen Titans comic book series. Morgan is dressed in a dark blue bodysuit, an orange robe with a hood, and numerous chunks of bone to complete the frightening cult-like effect. This comes with a bone mask for more creepiness. All of this is apt because, in the comics, Brother Blood is the leader of the Church of Blood, which worships Raven’s demonic father Trigon, whom we saw briefly in Season 1. Other interesting aspects in the concept image suggest that the Titans invented their own language and alphabet for Blood. The series’ Instagram account shows this, as Blood’s alphabet lines his clothing.

Titans season 4

While Titans and its villains have been hit-or-miss throughout the first three seasons, Brother Blood’s wicked addition has the potential to make this season the best yet. If you’ve seen Blood’s unforgettable portrayal in the iconic Teen Titans animated series, you’ll know he’s one of the team’s most sinister foes. Titans was one of DC’s darkest series or films, which was also one of its biggest assets and drawbacks. Brother Blood, on the other hand, is a figure who would benefit greatly from the more mature tone. Even though it’s only a costume, Blood’s frightening appearance is welcome. Titans have always had fantastic costume designs, and it would be interesting to see what Morgan brings to this terrifying cult leader, especially given his experience as the terrible Klaus Mikaelson in The Vampire Diaries universe.

Brother Blood is just one of several enemies that the Titans will have to deal with this season. Season 4 will also introduce Mother Mayhem, Jinx, and Lex Luthor to DC fans. Season 4 of Titans will launch on HBO Max in November. In the meantime, you can check out Brother Blood’s concept art down below. Titans’ first three seasons are now available on HBO Max.


Why were the Titans canceled?

The Titans have not been canceled by DC. Following the popularity of season 3 last year, the show was renewed for a fourth season. The fourth season is now under production, with a release date of October 20, 2022, speculated. While the fact that it had been filmed did not rescue Batgirl from being dropped by Warner Bros.

Is there a cyborg in Titans 4?

Characters and cast
Scott Menville, Hynden Walch, Greg Cipes, Tara Strong, and Khary Payton, who play Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg in the fourth season, return their roles as Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg, respectively.

Why doesn’t Titans have a cyborg?

Cyborg does not appear in Titans because they do not exist in the same universe. The geniuses behind Doom Patrol appear to be trying everything they can to remove Vic from his Titan origins, and there is a canon explanation for why Cyborg never discovered the Titans: they simply do not exist in his universe (as far as we know).

Is Batman considered a Titan?

And Titans has the most bizarre take of Bruce Wayne we’re likely to see in live-action. Iain Glen, best known for his role as Jorah Mormont in HBO’s Game of Thrones, plays Bruce Wayne in Titans.

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