Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 Review & Release Date | Everything You Need to Know!

Dragon ball super chapter 88
Dragon ball super chapter 88

The classic Dragon Ball manga by Akira Toriyama has a sequel called Dragon Ball Super. The picture for the manga is drawn by Toyotarou.

Up until the end of the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament, Buu is defeated. Dragon Ball Super started its journey in June 2015, when it was first published in the manga magazine V Jump. The English version is sold by Viz Media, and the Japanese version is sold by Shueisha on their platform Manga Plus.

The most popular manga in the world, Dragon Ball Super, is about to release Chapter 87, which will show a new version of Gas, who is Granolah’s main enemy. The Japanese manga Dragon Ball Super became popular quickly and was mostly praised by critics. There are new issues of the manga every month.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 Release Date

Sources say that Dragon Ball Chapter 88 Super is set to come out on September 20, 2022.


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 Spoilers

Simply put, we think Black Frieza will pose the biggest threat the Z-fighters have ever had to deal with. a danger worse than Gas. Yes. Frieza suddenly emerges in Dragon Ball Super chapter 87 and kills Gas in a single blow. Then, after killing Elec, he exhibits his new appearance as “Black Frieza.”

Even though the most powerful beings could not equal Gas’ abilities, Frieza’s perfection and hubris are sufficient to demonstrate that he is now unstoppable. He also dispatches UE Vegeta and UI Goku in a single blow. Do you want a description of his abilities after this? He’s now a live beast.

After the Tournament of Power, did you believe that Frieza had truly improved like Vegeta? Well, most certainly not. He continues to be one of the Z-fighters’ greatest adversaries. Therefore, we think he will keep following the road of evil and be the greatest danger in the new arc. So, are you prepared for another bombastic arc? Comment below with your opinions.

Why Should You Read Dragon Ball Super Manga?

The Dragon Ball series doesn’t really need to be introduced. Dragon Ball Super is the most recent sequel to the famous Dragon Ball series. Since it was announced, a lot of people have been waiting for Dragon Ball Super, and it has gained a lot of fans since it came out.

The main character in the Dragon Ball series is Goku, a Saiyan who got lost and ended up on Earth. Old Gohan takes care of him, cut off from the rest of the people, and Goku only knows what he is told about the world around him. Goku goes on a journey to learn and train to become the best warrior in the world.

But as more powerful warriors appear, it gets harder and harder, forcing Goku to push all the limits that are already there. In the manga Dragon Ball Super, Goku is now facing the World of Gods, and the challenge will only get harder from here on out. The Dragon Ball Super series is one of the most important and well-known manga series ever. People even compare it to shonen like “One Piece” and “Naruto.”

What Do You Think This Manga Will Be Like?

Fans of the Dragon Ball series who want a lot of action and thrills will love Dragon Ball Super. The manga is about Goku and his fights and struggles along the way.


Dragon Ball Super is a treat for fans of the original series because it has a lot of memorable and relatable characters and action that has never been seen before. The next chapter will have two main stories: Goku will try to figure out how to deal with his new enemy Gas, and Bardock’s story will be told again. After Elec shoots Granola, the story will go on right away.

Where Can I Find Chapter 88 of Dragon Ball Super?

You can read Dragon Ball chapters on the VIZ website or on Mangaplus, which is an English manga site.

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