Star Of Virgin River Teases To “Unexpected” Season 5 Twist

Virgin River

The 37-year-old said in a recent interview that the reclusive Melissa Montgomery, played by Barbara Pollard, who was new to season four, will cause problems for the audience.

She’s obviously up to no good, and the fact that she’s having dinner with Jack and Mel at the conclusion is worrying,” he continued, alluding to the shocking revelation at the conclusion of season four that Melissa was the sister of a reputable businessman Nick, who is friends with some of the town’s major players.

Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Mel, Ben’s leading woman, said that Melissa will play a significant role in the future season.

The fact that Nick and Melissa are working on this glamping venture could or might not cause problems for Jack “She gave TVLine an explanation. “She has not yet made clear what she plans to do. She certainly has bad intentions, and it’s not fully apparent to me whether Nick is aware of Melissa’s actions or not. He strikes me as such a nice person.

Dan Brady is played by Ben in the show.

“I firmly believe that his wife is completely clueless. By now, she most likely would have informed the entire town “Added her.

Fans may be wondering how many more seasons of the uplifting drama will be produced while they wait impatiently for the next season to premiere on Netflix.

Only season five of the endearing series has been ordered thus far. Netflix had declared that the program had been extended for two additional seasons in September 2021.

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Jack and Mel are played by Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge.

While season 5 is now being recorded in Vancouver, season 5 was released back in July. Fans may expect to see the new episodes on their screens early next year.

Beyond that, the streaming service has not yet made the show’s future explicit. We are crossing our fingers for many more seasons given that the novel series on which the series is based has more than 20 books!

FAQs about Virgin River

Will Virgin River have a fifth season?

There will be 12 episodes in Season 5 of “Virgin River.”
But since then, the series has grown. With two extra episodes compared to just 10, the fourth season “felt like we had a little bit more time,” according to new showrunner Patrick Sean Smith.

Will Ricky return for Virgin River season 5?

Folks, you heard correctly. Season 5 is now in the development phase! (Fans immediately pointed out that Grayson Gurney’s character Ricky, who joined the Marines at the end of the fourth season, was present at the table read.)

Who is Virgin River’s love interest?

Walt Booth, Muriel St. Claire’s new neighbor back in Virgin River, has a crush on the 56-year-old actress, horsewoman, and dog lover. Terri tries to persuade Paul Haggerty that the child is his after finding out she is expecting.

How does Ricky do on the Virgin River?

Yes, Ricky makes the decision to continue with his enlistment and spends a significant amount of the season coming to terms with it as he gets ready to report to camp.