Ragnarok Season 3 Summary And Ending Explained!

Ragnarok Season 3 Ending Explained
Ragnarok Season 3 Ending Explained

The third season of Ragnarok continues, which introduces a new narrative that takes place in Edda. Edda is once again a tranquil, laid-back, and easygoing community as a result of the war coming to an end with the signing of a peace deal and everyone casting down their guns. Magne, on the other hand, puts the hammer down and makes the decision to study for his upcoming tests. But what happens to the God of Thunder after the conflict has been resolved and there is nothing else to fight for?

How Does Ragnarok End?

Magne gets down on his knees and extends his hands out to Signy. In doing so, he gives himself permission to look beyond Ragnarok and the looming danger to something more desirable — a fresh start.

As a result of this, Magne makes the decision to dispose of all of his old Thor comics so that he can go on with his life. He then returns to his buddies to catch up with them. After being welcomed by Signy, who gives him a warm embrace, he takes his seat with the rest of the others in the room. Before the scene fades off, there is a view of Isolde seated in one of the seats, which gives the impression that Magne is still troubled by her memories but is making progress in overcoming them.

Here is a tweet about the God of War Ragnarök’s ending is a bit of a cop-out.

Magne Saw Everything As One Giant Vision

For some who are perplexed, these flashes suggest that Magne has misinterpreted and imagined everything that has occurred over the course of the three seasons. Magne’s mother acknowledges that as a boy, he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and used to seek sanctuary in Thor comic books. He also has a tendency to have visions and twist reality to his liking.

With that, it’s reasonable to suppose Magne saw himself as Thor, with his buddies as other Norse Gods, and used this as a method to cope with the death of Isolde, who is the catalyst for all of this. In actuality, we see Magne fooling around with the hammer, which is a toy.

This reframes several aspects of the show and casts Magne’s mood swings in a different light than we previously assumed. Magne’s throwing away those comic books in front of Eric and Turid suggests that he is ready to move on from his trauma, and Isolde’s disappearance further reinforces that notion.

Ragnarok Season 3 Episode Review

So, to be clear, the writers noticed the irritation of fans in programs that decided to play the whole “it was all one big dream, the end” thing and thought, “Yeah, let’s do that too.”

The last season concludes with a complete muddle of a narrative, one that struggles to deliver on its promise of showing off a ravaged world and promising Ragnarok to occur. Yes, we have these visions, but they are absolutely insignificant in the great scheme of things. It’s an artful conclusion for the sake of it, and the twist doesn’t work so much as it annoys a slew of admirers.

This would be like to writing Harry Potter and then finishing Deathly Hallows after the big fight with “and Harry woke up under the stairs in the Dursleys and realized it was all a dream.” The conclusion.” The absence of suspense and excitement throughout the season, not to mention the hyped, baited threat of Ragnarok in season 3, makes a mockery of those fans who have stayed with this for the past four years.

Ragnarok Season 3 Ending Explained
Ragnarok Season 3 Ending Explained

I wouldn’t argue Ragnarok has the worst conclusion ever written, but it’s far from competent. The entire subplot with the missing hikers and workers is just dropped, never to be discussed again. We also get different plot contrivances and holes for all of the sequences involving Jutul Industries that are not under Magne’s control, while the battle with Vidar is given new context in the sense that Magne is effectively a murderer now? We could spend all day poking holes in this story, but regrettably, this Netflix Original comes to a disappointing finale. What a pity.

What Happens At The School?

Iman and Harry both return to their previous lives, no longer needed in Edda, while Saxa has yet to respond to Magne’s message. Fjor is also living with one of his coworkers. Jutul Industries is turning a corner, polluting less, while Saxa collaborates with investors and activists to create a brighter future.

Turid congratulates Magne on passing his examinations. Signy is overjoyed since her article was published in the paper. She smiles from afar… and walks right past Magne to join the teacher in celebrating.

While Magne graduates, Laurits prepares to move in with Jens and begin a new life together. The house is surprisingly vacant now that Little O has apparently swum away and gone. Magne, on the other hand, searches through old stuff and discovers a slew of Thor books and a toy Mjolnir. Naturally, he ends himself flipping through the comics, reminiscing about his youth.

Ragnarok Season 3 Ending Explained
Ragnarok Season 3 Ending Explained

What Is Ragnarok’s Catalyst?

The school graduation ceremony takes place, and Signy continues to avoid Magne. She still needs time, so he takes his seat with the rest of them and listens to Ran deliver her big speech. Magne, on the other hand, is preoccupied, especially because he watches Harry outdoors educating the various children.

The problem is that one of these is Hod, the child who was shot in the eye during the street brawl. It’s important noting at this point that there’s a lot of fabrication and narrative misdirection going on throughout the rest of the episode. Following the visual recount of events, we’ll describe what happens.

Hod draws the bow and arrow, and Magne notices how similar it is to his own experiences reading the Young Thor comic. And can you guess what it’s called? Baldur’s Death. And who exactly is Baldur? Jens, indeed.

Magne screams in amazement as Jens shoots an arrow through his heart. The Prophecy appears to be about to begin, lead by Laurits himself while blinded by hate and anger… but everyone continues to clap at the ceremony. Nobody appears to be aware of what has occurred.

Ragnarok Season 3 Ending Explained
Ragnarok Season 3 Ending Explained

Was Magne Completely Delusory?

Magne is picturing these various situations, allowing his mental self (the one wielding Mjolnir and Thor’s powers) to play out what would happen if Edda was consumed by Ragnarok.

Magne is left alone in the school auditorium after the ceremony, after a series of one-on-one skirmishes with the three giants and Laurits works to dispatch the various Gods and fight to the final finish. Signy appears and says that love is the most deadly emotion, and she wishes Magne all the best. If he promises to do so while also being there for her, she will consent to be his girlfriend.

Magne takes nine steps toward her and falls to his knees, as predicted by Thor’s mythology, in which he is poisoned by the Serpent after defeating the beast. This is also observed during the visions. In any case, Thor would die and be reborn in the New World as a result of this. Unfortunately, the New World is Edda.

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