Love for the Famous and Queer

Love for the Famous and Queer

Nowadays, queer celebrities are not afraid to live their truth, and they are confident in sharing their romantic journeys with us. Here are several celebrities who aren’t afraid to embrace love

Elton John and David Furnish

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After three years of sobriety, Elton moved from his Atlanta residence to his Windsor estate in England. Elton was still learning to live without drugs and alcohol, so he decided to expand his social circle.

So in October 1993, Elton hosted a dinner party that David Furnish attended. According to both of them, there was an instant attraction. Elton John was attracted to David because he was an independent guy with a steady job, a car, and an apartment. This means that he didn’t have to take care of him to win his affection. In addition, David wasn’t afraid of Elton, and he never hesitates to speak his mind.

David went back to Elton’s place the next evening for a dinner date of Chinese takeout, and that was the beginning of their love story.

Unlike his ex-partners, David was never intimidated by Elton’s public persona. David, who is a filmmaker, went on to direct TV documentaries about his husband’s career. According to him, a relationship is kept alive by the individuality of the partners and not being overshadowed by their partner’s identity.

The duo has been together for close to thirty years. John proposed in 2005, and they had a formal wedding in December 2014. The couple had their firstborn son via surrogate in 2010, and the second was born three years later. Elton and David are the godparents of Brooklyn Beckham.

Over the years, the couple has been the advocates of same-sex marriages. The Elton John AIDS Foundation helps fight the disease that plagues the queer community. This Global Charity aims to prevent the spread of the disease, provide care, and fight stigmatization.

Although Elton has experienced homophobia at some point in his career, it did not deter him from living his truth.

Ellen Lee DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

Ellen came out as gay in 1997, and she has since been a staunch advocate for the LGBTQ community.

Her first sitcom show, Ellen, became a hot topic of controversy after she came out on air. Even in the midst of the criticism storm, Ellen was applauded by the queer community and its allies. The show got canceled in 1998. Ellen was the first gay lead character on network television.

The media was in an uproar when Ellen came out. The coverage stunted her professional growth and left her depressed.

Ellen Lee has won a ton of awards throughout her career, and she has hosted numerous award shows. She has also received several diplomatic honors for her humanitarian work.

Ellen met Portia in December 2004, and they married in August 2008. This wedding was among the highest-profile gay marriage after same-sex marriage was legalized in California. Her wife legally changed her name to Portia Lee James DeGeneres two years later.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

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Neil Patrick is a Broadway sensation and is popular for his role as Barney in “How I Met Your Mother.” He is married to David. The latter is a professional chef and actor.

After coming out in November 2006, Neil attended the 2007 Emmy Awards with his then-fiancé, David Burtka. In an Ellen interview, he admitted that the relationship started in 2004. The two are fathers to the twins, Gideon and Harper.

The two announced their engagement on Twitter after the Marriage Equality Act had been passed. However, they had proposed five years early. The two got married in September 2014.

Neil and David met through a mutual friend, Kate, on the streets of New York. Although Neil was attracted to David at first sight, he thought he was Kate’s boyfriend. Later on, he found out David was in a long-distance relationship. Neil was respectful of the relationship, but he never gave up hope. So the two hung out constantly as friends until David broke up with his boyfriend. Their first real date was the movies, where they saw Angelina Jolie’s Taking Lives’

While the two have striking physical similarities, their personalities are polar opposites. According to David, the two would never have ended up together if Harris didn’t want kids.

The two have starred together in How I Met Your Mother and A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas. At some point, the couple received backlash because there were claims David was getting his roles because he was seeing Neil.

Wanda Sykes and Alex Niedbalski

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Wanda is an award-winning writer, actress, and stand-up comedian. She married her wife, Alex, before coming out publicly in 2008 at a same-sex marriage rally.

The two met in 2006 when Wanda was renovating her kitchen, and a friend hooked her up with Alex, who is a kitchen designer. They welcomed their fraternal twins three years later. The two have been together for over fifteen years. Wanda came out to her parents at 40, and the conservative pair had trouble accepting her sexuality. Her parents did not attend their wedding, leading to a period of estrangement.

Sykes was openly devastated when California passed Proposition 8. However, she remains an adamant activist and advocate for same-sex marriages, where she has hosted events and emceed fundraisers. At, you can view other famous advocates for LGBTQ rights. In addition, Wanda works with PETA to promote dog anti-chaining legislation in Virginia.

In 2019, Wanda quit the show “Roseanne” after a scandalous racist tweet by her co-star, Roseanne Barr. ABC canceled the show on the same day.

Lauren Morelli and Samira Wiley

The two met on the “Orange Is The New Black” set where Samira was playing ‘Poussey’ and Lauren was a writer.

According to Samira, she was attracted to Lauren’s mindset before she even met her, just by going through the script.

Although Morelli was in a hetero-marriage at the time, Wiley thought she was gay, and she was always looking for a way to talk to her. According to Morelli, being on the set made her question her sexuality.

After failed attempts at marriage counseling, Lauren broke up with her husband and started going out with Samira. A year later, they went to Thailand for vacation, and they both agreed it was a failure. They argued for the entire trip, something that deepened their bond. Regardless of the circumstances, the two chose to always pick each other. Lauren proposed a few months later. The two got married in March 2017 in Palm Springs. They had their daughter last year in April.


There are many LGBTQ couples who are using their platforms to inspire young love across the world. They are also activists and advocates for the community, lending a voice to those afraid of living their truth.

What is your favorite queer love story from the hall of fame?

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