15 Best Anime Movies On Netflix To Stream Right Now in 2022

best anime movies on netflix
best anime movies on netflix

The massive video-streaming platform One of the finest ways to appreciate anime is to watch it on Netflix. There are numerous TV anime shows and anime films that are popular among both Japanese and foreign audiences. You might, however, be undecided about which anime to watch on Netflix.

Following the 25 best anime on Netflix, I’d like to introduce the 15 finest anime movies on Netflix now. Only one-shot anime flicks are included in this top anime movie list, so you may finish the plot in 1-2 hours. Of course, the most recent Netflix original anime film is included in this list. These best anime films are suggested for both newcomers and fans of the genre.

Here are the top 15 anime films available on Netflix right now:

1. Mirai

With the help of his younger sister from the future, a young boy discovers a magical garden that allows him to travel through time and visit his relatives of various ages.

2. Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack

A youthful and inexperienced crew finds themselves on a new spaceship during the battle between the Earth Federation and Zeon. The Gundam, a huge humanoid robot with a bright adolescent pilot, is their best hope of surviving the fight.

3. The Summit of the Gods

An obsessive hunt for the truth about the first ascent to Mt. Everest leads a journalist to look for a renowned climber who has mysteriously vanished.

4. A Silent Voice

When a grade school student with a loss of hearing is cruelly bullied, she moves to a different school. Years ago, one of her tormentors decides to pay her back.

5. The End of Evangelion

NERV is pitted against the Eighteenth Angel, mankind itself, but in the end, Shinji’s decisions will determine the fate of the world.

6. Blame!

Humans are branded “illegal residents” in the distant future and hunted to nearly extinct by homicidal robots. A gang of human scavengers comes upon Killy, a weird man who may hold the key to humanity at large.

7. Lu Over the Wall

Kai is brilliant but unhappy, wallowing in a fishing town after his family relocates from Tokyo. When his friends encourage him to join their band as a keyboard player, their rehearsals are interrupted by an unexpected visitor: Lu, a young mermaid whose singing compels humans to dance whether they want to or not. As Kai spends so much time with Lu, he discovers that he is able to tell her exactly what he is thinking, and a bond develops.

8. The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf

Vesemir rose from poverty to become a witcher, slaying monsters for money and fame, but as a new threat emerges, he is forced to confront the demons of his past.

9. Modest Heroes

Two small aquatic humanoids look for their father, a boy fights a deadly egg allergy, and an unseen salaryman aspires to be a hero.

10. A Whisker Away

Miyo Sasaki is in love with her classmate Kento Hinode. She tries to get Kento’s interest by turning into a cat, but at a certain point, it’s hard to tell the difference between herself and the cat.

11. Flavors of Youth

Three stories about young people in China, each set in a different city: memories stuck in a bowl of hot noodles, a once-beautiful woman finding her way, and a sad first love.

12. The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl

A young girl goes to a party and ends up staying out for an insanely long time. As the night goes on, she meets more and more strange people.

13. In This Corner of the World

In Hiroshima, Japan, during World War II, an 18-year-old girl gets married and has to cook for her new family, even though there aren’t enough supplies or enough food. Even though she has to deal with the loss of life’s comforts every day, she still has to have the will to live.

14. Penguin Highway

Aoyama is a 10-year-old boy who is very serious. He writes down everything that happens to him every day in his notebook. One day in May, penguins shows up in his town, even though it is a long way from the sea.

15. Brave Story

When Wataru, who is eleven years old, hears that he can change his fate by going through a magical doorway into another world, he jumps at the chance. But in order to find the Tower of Fortune and get any wish he wants, he has to be brave enough to fight a world full of demons, his own mates, and, in the end, personally.

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