Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3: Will the Anime Return for More?

Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3
Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3

Komi Can’t Communicate is a successful anime series based on Tomohito Oda’s manga of the same name. Shouko Komi, a lovely and quiet girl with a communication issue that stops her from making friends, is the protagonist of the anime.

She sets out to attain her aim of having 100 friends with the help of Hitohito Tadano, an ordinary lad who understands her. The anime is a joyful and amusing comedy that depicts Komi and her classmates’ diverse personalities and relationships.

Season 1 and 2 Recap

Komi Can’t Communicate’s first season launched on Netflix on October 21, 2021, and consisted of 12 episodes. The season presented the main characters and their backstories, as well as several of Komi’s companions along the way.

Najimi Osana, Tadano’s childhood buddy who is a master at socializing; Agari Himiko, a shy girl who admires Komi; Katai Makoto, a former delinquent who is actually a softie; and Yamai Ren, a stalker who is obsessed with Komi are among the important characters.

Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 premiered on January 6, 2022, with 12 episodes. The season continued Komi and her friends’ journeys as they confronted new obstacles and experiences.

Komi’s first karaoke experience, a school festival, a sports day, a cultural exchange trip, and a Christmas party are among the season’s highlights. More characters were introduced in the season, including Onemine Nene, a dependable and compassionate senior; Naruse Shousuke, a handsome and popular boy who likes Komi; and Manbagi Rumiko, a joyful and effervescent female who becomes Komi’s opponent for Tadano’s attention.

Season 3 Release Date and Expectations

There has been no official announcement regarding the third season of Komi Can’t Communicate as of yet. However, given the anime’s popularity and success, it is quite possible that it will be revived for a second season.

The anime has garnered great reviews from both reviewers and fans, and it has a high rating across multiple platforms. The anime has also increased the sales and popularity of the manga, which currently has over 27 volumes and is still in production. The anime has only adapted the manga up to the tenth volume, thus there is plenty of content available for future seasons.

Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3

If the anime follows the same release schedule as the previous seasons, the third season of Komi Can’t Communicate will be released in late 2023 or early 2024.

The story of Komi and her classmates will most likely continue in the third season as they begin their second year of high school and encounter new obstacles and chances. The season will also explore Komi, Tadano, and Manbagi’s romantic feelings and tensions, as well as introduce new characters from the manga, such as Komi’s family, Tadano’s sister, and Komi’s childhood buddy.

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Where to Watch Komi Can’t Communicate

Komi Can’t Communicate is only accessible on Netflix, with both Japanese and English audio options, as well as subtitles in a variety of languages.

OLM, the studio behind Pokemon and other well-known anime programs, is in charge of producing the animation.

Ayumu Watanabe, the anime’s director, has expressed a wish to continue the story till Komi graduates. Aoi Koga as Komi, Gakuto Kajiwara as Tadano, Rie Murakawa as Najimi, and Rina Hidaka as Yamai, among others, provide their voices to the anime.

Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3 Cast

Here is a list of the main characters and their voice actors for the anime series “Komi Can’t Communicate”:

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Shoko Komi Aoi Koga Cherami Leigh
Hitohito Tadano Gakuto Kajiwara Kyle McCarley
Himiko Agari Yukiyo Fujii Cassandra Lee Morris
Najimi Osana Rie Murakawa Erica Lindbeck
Ren Yamai Rina Hidaka Lauren Landa
Nene Onimine Haruka Tomatsu Alexis Tipton
Makeru Yadano Kikuko Inoue Brina Palencia
Ase Izanami Kana Hanazawa Apphia Yu
Kishiko Agari Mamiko Noto Sarah Widdens
Tadano’s Mother Sayaka Kobayashi Jamie Lee Smith
Tadano’s Father Kazuhiro Nakai Bill Flynn
Shosuke Komi Ikumi Hayama Lucien Dodge
Kuroko Komi Risa Tsuruoka Morgan Garrett

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