Is Adam Mac Engaged? Inside His and Lee Pfund’s Surprise Engagement Story!

Is Adam Mac Engaged?
Is Adam Mac Engaged?

Adam Mac, a country artist, recently fueled engagement rumors after uploading a photo of himself and his partner Lee Pfund on Instagram, with a ring visible on his finger.

The LGBTQ+ artist, well known for his famous “Goodnight Girl” meme and songs including “Blame It on Me” and “Black Sheep,” has been dating real estate broker Pfund since 2017. But are they engaged? Here’s what we know so far.

Is Adam Mac Engaged?

Yes, Adam Mac is happily engaged to his longtime partner, Lee Pfund. The unexpected proposal occurred wonderfully when Mac, who wanted another French bulldog for his birthday, was surprised not only with a new puppy named Pearl but also with a marriage proposal from Pfund.


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The moment, with the engagement ring connected to the puppy’s collar, left Mac both astonished and excited. Their seven-year relationship, which was distinguished by unique shared moments and a mutual appreciation for each other’s peculiarities, ended in a poignant proposal that caught Mac off guard.

The couple, dubbed the “weirdest f—ing people” by Mac, intends to marry in the summer. Despite his initial reservations about getting married, Mac recognizes Pfund’s transforming influence in his life and is looking forward to spending their future together.

The engagement is a pleasant twist in their love story, bringing them closer together and kicking off the planning of a wedding that promises to be as distinctive and authentic as their relationship.

Adam Mac Family and Personal Life

Adam Mac keeps his family history and personal life private, with no information about his parents or siblings revealed publicly.

The country music singer, who is well-known for his LGBTQ+ contributions to the music world, has chosen to keep this area of his life private.

Who is Lee Pfund?

Lee Pfund is a 31-year-old real estate broker based in Nashville, Tennessee. He met Mac at the CMA Fest in 2017, and they hit it off immediately.

They have been together for more than seven years and have two French bulldogs, Priscilla and Pearl. Pfund is also a major fan of Mac’s music career and frequently joins him at his gigs and gatherings. He has also appeared in some of Mac’s music videos, including “Blame It on Me” and “Goodnight Girl”.


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What is Adam Mac’s latest project?

Mac is now working on his debut album, which should be released later this year. He has already released two singles off the album, “Black Sheep” and “Goodnight Girl,” and both have garnered excellent feedback from reviewers and fans.

He has also collaborated with other LGBTQ+ artists, including Brandon Stansell and Brody Ray. He also intends to go on tour whenever the pandemic situation improves, and he aims to reach a larger audience through his music.

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