Is Saoirse-Monica Jackson Engaged? The Derry Girls Star Confirms Her Happy News

Is Saoirse-Monica Jackson Engaged?
Is Saoirse-Monica Jackson Engaged?

Saoirse-Monica Jackson, the actress who plays the hilarious Erin Quinn on the hit comedy series Derry Girls, has recently announced her engagement to her long-time boyfriend, Denis Sulta, a Scottish DJ and producer.

The couple, who have been together for over three years, shared their joyous news on social media, and received many congratulations and well-wishes from their fans and friends. Here is everything you need to know about Saoirse-Monica Jackson’s engagement and her relationship with Denis Sulta.

Is Saoirse-Monica Jackson Engaged?

Saoirse-Monica Jackson of “Derry Girls” has officially confirmed her engagement to Scottish DJ Denis Sulta. Although the actress, best known for her role as Erin Quinn in the iconic Channel 4 sitcom, has not made a formal announcement, she did share the good news on her Instagram Story.

Is Saoirse-Monica Jackson Engaged

In a recent interview with Metal magazine, Sulta stated that his proposal to Jackson was his greatest memory of 2023, and Jackson confirmed the good news by sharing a screenshot of his remarks surrounded by hearts.

In addition to her milestone, Jackson had a busy year professionally in 2023, starring in the highly anticipated DC movie “The Flash.” Some DC fans felt that the character Patty was an homage to the comic book character Patty Spivot.

The film features a star-studded ensemble that includes Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton, Sasha Calle, and Michael Shannon, among others, with Jackson playing a key role in the superhero universe alongside her engagement delight.

Who is Saoirse-Monica Jackson?

Saoirse-Monica Jackson (born November 1993) is a skilled Northern Irish actress best known for her performance as Erin Quinn on the Channel 4 sitcom “Derry Girls” from 2018 to 2022.

Jackson has received praise for her engaging portrayal of Erin, a character navigating the obstacles and humor of teenage life in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.

Born and bred in Northern Ireland, Saoirse-Monica Jackson has established herself as a significant presence in the entertainment world, captivating audiences with her dynamic and honest performances.

Jackson’s noteworthy performance on “Derry Girls” gained her great accolades and a devoted fan base. Aside from her acting abilities, she has contributed to the cultural environment by bringing to life a character that resonates with audiences, demonstrating her variety and aptitude in the art of acting.

Saoirse-Monica Jackson, a Northern Irish actress, continues to make her mark on television, establishing an enduring legacy with her iconic portrayal of Erin Quinn.

Who is Denis Sulta?

Denis Sulta, real name Hector Barbour, is a Glasgow-based DJ and producer noted for his contributions to the house and dance music scene. Sulta was born and raised in Anniesland, Glasgow’s West End, where his parents had a strong influence on him.


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His mother, a Scottish broadcast journalist and the first female chair of the Glasgow School of Art’s board of governors, and father, a television producer and director, offered extensive media and entertainment experience.

Sulta grew up in a household with a mother who was also a broadcaster on the 80s pop show “The Tube,” so she was involved in the world of music and entertainment from an early age. According to MixMag, Sulta credits his musical influences to his father, who has two degrees in the field.

The skilled DJ frequently draws enormous crowds, enthralling them with dynamic and intriguing performances at clubs and festivals like Reading and Leeds.

Saoirse-Monica Jackson Net Worth

Saoirse-Monica Jackson’s net worth is $1 million. Her principal source of income comes from her successful acting profession. With her television debut in 2016 and following appearances in acclaimed projects such as “The Five” and the West End play “The Ferryman,” Jackson has established herself as a notable figure in the entertainment business.

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