Huguette Mallette: The First Wife of Marcel Marceau and a Distinguished Dancer

Huguette Mallette
Huguette Mallette
Huguette Mallette was a French dancer, choreographer, and celebrity wife who married Marcel Marceau, the renowned mime artist and actor. She was a brilliant and versatile performer who worked with her husband on many of his performances and films. She was also a mentor and teacher, having mentored numerous aspiring dancers and mimes.
In this article, we will look at Huguette Mallette’s life and career, her relationship with Marcel Marceau, her accomplishments and contributions to dance and mime, as well as some fascinating facts and trivia about her.

Early Life and Education

Huguette Mallette was born on December 9, 1927, in Paris, France. She was the daughter of artistic parents who pushed her to follow her passions in music and dance. She studied at Paris’ Conservatory of Music and Dance, where she learned classical ballet, modern dance, and choreography. She also studied mime under Étienne Decroux, the master of bodily mime, who taught Marcel Marceau.

About Marcel Marceau’s Spouse: Huguette Mallette Wiki/BIO

Full Real Name Huguette Mallette
Nickname Huguette
Popular for Being the first wife of Marcel Marceau
Language French
School Name Local High School.
Education Graduate in Dance
Profession Dancer, Choreographer
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Nationality French
Ethnicity French
Net worth Not Known
Age (as of 2016) 88 years old.
Date of Birth December 9, 1927
Place of Birth Paris
Death Date October 19, 2016

Marriage and Collaboration with Marcel Marceau

Huguette Mallette met Marcel Marceau in 1948 while playing in a performance called “The Three Musketeers”. They fell in love and married in 1950. They had two children, Michel and Baptiste, who both became mimes.

Huguette Mallette

Huguette Mallette was Marcel Marceau’s wife, artistic partner, and muse. She appeared alongside him in a number of his shows and videos, including “Bip in the Snow,” “Bip and the Lion,” “Bip and the Butterfly,” “Bip and the Bird,” and “Bip and the Moon.” She also choreographed parts of his performances and assisted him in developing his well-known persona, Bip the Clown.

Huguette Mallette and Marcel Marceau were regarded as one of the most important and creative couples in the history of mime and dance. They toured the world, performing for people of various ages and ethnicities. They also educated and motivated numerous students and artists who wished to learn from them.

Divorce and Later Career

Huguette Mallette and Marcel Marceau divorced in 1958, following an eight-year marriage. They stayed friends and worked together sometimes.

Huguette Mallette continued her career as a dancer and choreographer, producing original works and collaborating with other artists. She also established her dance school and company, where she trained and coached numerous young dancers and mimes.

Huguette Mallette

Huguette Mallette died in 2016, aged 88. She was hailed as a trailblazer and legend in the realm of dance and mime, as well as a loving mother and helpful mentor. She left a legacy of artistry, innovation, and passion that has inspired and influenced subsequent generations of performers.

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