For Their Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Salt-N-Pepa Reunited!

For Their Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Salt-N-Pepa Reunited!
For Their Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Salt-N-Pepa Reunited!

For Their Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Salt-N-Pepa Reunited: They reunited to commemorate the legendary hip-hop group’s permanent place in Hollywood history on the Walk of Fame. Salt-N-Pepa put in the work, and they can now boast a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

For Their Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Salt-N-Pepa Reunited!

Legendary hip-hop trio Cheryl “Salt” James, Sandra “Pepa” Denton, and Deidra “DJ Spinderella” Roper reunited on Friday in Los Angeles to reveal their plaque.

James, 56, remarked, “Your setback is a prelude for your comeback.” Everything that happens to you and teaches you something along the road is leading up to the answer to your prayers.

All three women, who gained fame in the ’80s with songs like “Shoop,” “Push It,” and “Whatta Man,” were given the opportunity to speak at the ceremony on the significance of the honor.

This was the band’s first public performance since Spinderella quit in 2019 over a royalties dispute, which led to a lawsuit. She also said she was told to leave the organization through an email titled “termination.”

Since then, Spinderella has claimed she was “wrongfully excluded” from Lifetime’s movie about the band, and that their relationship is “finished.” On Friday, though, the group set aside their differences to honor their impressive legacy.

Forever impacted by the message of strength and independence, women everywhere were inspired,” Spinderella, now 51, added. “In the same way that our message helped you guys out, it helped me out too… My gratitude goes to S and P for being such wonderful role models. Lessons in salt, pepper, and living.

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Through it all, we’ve stayed together. On the other hand, I do appreciate the education you provided. For me, it was more than just the tunes. It was the nature of our bond. To me, that meant the world.  Let’s do everything it takes to restore harmony in this situation. Come up with a solution that would make us unforgettable to our audience.”

Earlier in the ceremony, Denton reflected on her father’s passing and how his remarks had influenced her decision to attend school in Queens. She said she was “humbled” by the distinction. There, she first jammed with her future musical collaborator. When he went away, all I could think was, “Oh, my god, I gotta make my papa proud, be strong, do these things.”

Denton also examined the contemporary status of women in hip-hop and the role that Salt-N-Pepa played in blazing the trail.

She remarked, “It was the most pressing concern, can hip-hop survive.” “And I thought, “Man, people all around the world love us.” To top it all off, look at that. The ladies still listen to hip-hop.

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We need to continue encouraging one another in this way, helping each other succeed, and passing the torch. This is our time as well, I’m telling you. This just proves that Salt-N-Pepa made an indelible mark on the planet.”

On Dancing with the Star’s “’90s Night” on November 7 (airing on Disney+), not only will Salt-N-Pepa perform, but also Kid ‘N Play, En Vogue, Vanilla Ice, and all other iconic acts from the era.

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