Netflix Claims To Be Committed To A Series Binge-release Strategy

Netflix says it does not plan to stop dropping all episodes of a show at once for binge-friendly viewing.

“Our bingeable release model helps drive substantial engagement, especially for newer titles,” Netflix stated in its Q3 shareholder letter. As a result, viewers can lose themselves in their favourite shows and stories. ” The company said this after the Puck newsletter said last month that Netflix executives were thinking about putting out major titles once a week.

The company that was the first to release whole TV seasons all at once said that it plans to keep doing that.

A Korean title like “Squid Game” is difficult to imagine becoming a mega hit.

According to Netflix, without the momentum that came from people binge-watching, the company would not have been able to grow globally. “We believe that allowing our members to immerse themselves in a story from start to finish increases their enjoyment, as well as their likelihood of telling their friends, leading to more people watching, joining, and staying with Netflix.”

In the initial 28-day window, Netflix’s Binge-release strategy helped “drive significant interest” in Ryan Murphy’s “Dahmernster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” currently its No. 2 English original series. The company included a chart from Google Trends.

Which It Said Demonstrated How The Ability To Watch All 10 Episodes Of “Monster” — All Of Which Were Released In September — Has Driven A Significantly Increased Queries For “Dahmer” When Compared To Non-bingeable Amazon Prime Video “The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power” And Hbo’s “The House Of The Dragon”

Netflix releases some reality shows over a period of several weeks, such as “Love is Blind” and “The Circle.” Furthermore, it has divided recent seasons of titles like “Stranger Things,” “Ozark,” and “Money Heist” to maximise viewer engagement.

An Entire TV Season May Not Be Available On Netflix In Its Entireity Because It Is Licensed From A Network, “And The Episode Will Usually Be Available On Netflix The Day Or Week After It Is Broadcast On Its Original Network.”

Having Said That, Netflix For Years Refused To Join The Advertising Business-Only To Change Its Mind In 2022 After Its Subscriber Rolls Slowed. For example, with a subscription model without advertising, Reed Hastings said, for example, that the company would “actually get more revenue, larger profits, and a bigger market cap because we don’t have to deal with something we’re strategically disadvantageous at, which is online advertising against those big three,” referring to Google, Facebook, and Amazon. In 12 markets next month, Netflix will start offering cheaper, ad-supported plans.

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