Deadpool 3’s Wolverine Announcement Details: Every Easter Egg You Might Have Missed

Deadpool 3's Wolverine Announcement Details You Might Have Missed
Deadpool 3's Wolverine Announcement Details You Might Have Missed

The announcement of Wolverine in Deadpool 3 shook up the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ryan Reynolds may not have expected to break the internet so much when he went on TikTok with Hugh Jackman. Everyone was ecstatic, but then they realized Wolverine died in the 2017 film, Logan.

When Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman released their second video, we discovered that Logan takes place in 2029. They also revealed the plot of their upcoming film. But none of us could hear it because the awesome sounds of WHAM” Wake !’s Me Up Before You Go-Go” drowned it out. Thank goodness for the internet’s ability to read lips!

Deadpool 3 Announcement Lip Reading

During Ryan Reynolds’ second announcement, he and Hugh Jackman began joking about what could happen in Deadpool 3.

They could be seen going back and forth, pretending to stab each other with various fictitious weapons and generally acting out what appears to be an awesome film. But throughout their conversation, WHAM”Wake !’s Me Up Before You Go-Go” played over and over.
But that’s okay because the internet read their lips and decoded it:
Reynolds: Get these two f**king guys out there…

Yes, Mr. Jackman!

Reynolds: And he’s like Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Jackman: The f**king thing.

Reynolds: And I’m like, “Gooooo!” And I just f**k caught him.

Jackman: Then I…

Reynolds: And I’m chasing him around, and we’re going through stuff and all these different places.

And then there’ll be this massive massive huge huge f**king explosion!

Reynolds: And I have the swords that, ssshhhk, boom! (while pretending to stab Hugh Jackman)

Jackman:…as well as woomf. (he raises his fist as if brandishing his Wolverine claws, pretending to stab Reynolds in the head) (As he continues to pretend to kill Reynolds, one of his punches lands and he says, “Whoops!” (Then Reynolds stands up again.)

But I’m fine, Reynolds! I’m laughing so hard about it!

Jackman: I’m still alive, but you have to see this because we’re in our prime. The prime is correct.

Reynolds: And what a way to make amends,

Jackman: I’m so excited about this that you’re going to f**king love it!

Reynolds: It’ll be the best.

The music then stops, and the actors thank Kevin Feige. So they didn’t reveal much about the film beneath the music, but that’s probably because the script hasn’t even been written yet. Nonetheless, we saw a very happy Hugh Jackman and a very happy Ryan Reynolds. There aren’t many hints about the film, but there are a few more Easter eggs in the announcement.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Reunion

Reynolds’ original tweet says, “Hard keeping my mouth sewn shut about this one,” even before we get to the video. That’s a clear nod to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a film that tells Logan’s origin story in the Fox timeline of X-Men films. Reynolds portrayed a Deadpool who undergoes horrific genetic experiments and transforms into a killing machine with his mouth sewn shut in that film.

The film was panned by critics, and fans were outraged by the character’s portrayal on screen. So we’re all attempting to forget about X-Men Origins: Wolverine. However, the film sparked a fan campaign to have Reynolds play Deadpool in a solo film. So perhaps we should be grateful for it.

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Forest Adam Project

The new announcement video also appears to contain references to the Reynoldsverse, as we see a forest that looks similar to the setting of Netflix’s The Adam Project, a time-traveling sci-fi film starring Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo. Previous Deadpool installments have never been afraid to poke fun at other franchises associated with Reynolds, so it’s not surprising if the MCU Multiverse does the same with Reynold’s more recent works. Hopefully, we’ll see a Hulk-starring version of The Adam Project.

Reynolds and Jackman Finally Work Together

Since Disney acquired the rights to the X-Men in the 20th Century Fox deal, MCU fans have been waiting for the X-Men to make their full MCU debut. Not only does Marvel Studios now have a release date for the first X-Men film, but it also includes one of the most unexpected casting announcements in franchise history.

Even though Jackman appeared to have retired from the role of Wolverine after 2017’s Logan, he never officially ruled out a return, especially since the X-Men were set to join the MCU. Even though Jackman has stated that he would have continued playing the character more frequently if Disney had acquired Fox sooner, even if this is only a one-time deal, it will provide MCU fans with a moment that many have only dreamed of.

Furthermore, having the release date confirmed only adds to the excitement about Deadpool’s impending MCU arrival, with his solo film now less than two years away. Although fans would have preferred to see this confirmed at D23 a few weeks ago, hearing the news now provides the same level of excitement.

Now, with both Jackman and Leslie Uggams alongside Reynolds, fans will have to wait a few more years for more significant developments from this major new franchise.

Deadpool 2’s Time Travel Predicts Wolverine’s Return

Deadpool 2 has a lot of time-traveling shenanigans that could be used to get the hero and Wolverine into the MCU. By the end of Deadpool 2, Wade has used a time-traveling device to correct some of history’s most egregious mistakes. As a result, he saves Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) and Peter (Rob Delaney) from the X-Force.

Then, in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he decides to kill his poorly received version of Deadpool. Finally, Wade kills Reynolds after completing the script for Green Lantern, one of the worst superhero films ever made.

While the scene is hilarious, it also includes an odd exchange between Deadpool and the Wolverine from X-Men Origins. Wade tells Wolverine in the scene that he will one day hang up his claws and make everyone very sad. Wade also informs Wolverine that when that day arrives, he will receive an invitation from his dear friend to return one last time, which he should accept. Wolverine agrees to return if Deadpool calls, which is exactly what is happening now. What a case of foreshadowing!

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