Dark Side of the Ring Season 4: Is it Officially Renewed? Everything You Need To Know!


Dark Side of the Ring is a Canadian documentary television series created by Vice Studios that premiered on the Discovery Channel in 2011. Its issues and incidents are all contentious in the world of professional wrestling, which is the focus of this series.

On April 10, 2019, Viceland broadcasted the series’ premiere. On July 23, 2019, Dark Side of the Ring was renewed for a second season of ten episodes, which will premiere on March 24, 2020, following the success of the first season. Season 2 of the series was a co-production with Canadian streaming service Crave (as part of the distribution agreement between Bell Media and Vice). Dark Side of the Ring: After Dark, hosted by Chris Gethard, was also added as a follow-up to the main show. [4] Dark Side of the Ring was renewed for a third season with 14 episodes on October 19, 2020, with the first episode premiering on May 6, 2021.

Vice ordered two spin-off series in December 2020: Dark Side of Football and Dark Side of the 90’s, both of which will premiere on May 13 and July 15, 2021, respectively, on the Vice network.


Dark Side of the Ring was Viceland’s most popular series premiere for viewers in the right age group. It won the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Award for Best Pro Wrestling DVD or streaming documentary of 2019. The second season episode “The Final Days of Owen Hart” won the same award for 2020, so it’s a double win. Season 2 saw more people watch, with the season finale about Owen Hart’s death becoming Vice’s most-watched show ever. At 626,000 people, it was Vice’s most-watched show ever.

Evan Husney on Season 4 and more possible Confidential roundtable episodes:

I’d love to be able to announce Season 4 today, but we’re still waiting for official confirmation on that.” However, I’d like to do more of the other, Confidential. Flying down to Tampa a few weeks ago and being at the Manatee Civic Center with Chris Jericho, where the UWF Beach Brawl took place, was an unforgettable experience for me. However, simply being able to talk about the shows is always a plus because there’s always more storey to tell than you have time to tell in 44 minutes. It’s also a lot of fun for us to be able to spit all the stuff that we couldn’t put into the episodes.”

Husney on not foreseeing any future Director’s Cut episodes but thinking of ways to deliver more footage to fans:

“In terms of Director’s Cuts, I believe it is very difficult since, first and foremost, there is no time.” We’re always making the actual show, so going back and doing a Director’s Cut would be a huge problem because when we shoot re-enactments, we only shoot re-enactments for the bits that are in the final show. We’d have to go back into the studio to extend the shows any farther. We’d have to score more points, and we’d have to do a lot of work. We discussed some additional options since I know that our viewers want to see more and hear new interviews, as well as hear a lot of what we now have. Many of the interviews we do last three to five hours with each client. So, I don’t know, maybe we’ll come up with another means to get supplementary stuff, extra stories, and expanded things. Perhaps not in the Director’s Cut format, but we’ll figure something out.”

It’s now Thursday, and VICE TV is airing new episodes of Dark Side of the Ring Season 3B. There will be a new episode about Chris Kanyon, a former WCW and WWE Superstar who died last year.

“In a culture that celebrates machismo and negative gay stereotypes, wrestling innovator Chris Kanyon kept his own sexuality a closely guarded secret for decades.”

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