Olivia Culpo Cries Over ‘really Horrible’ Ex In ‘culpo Sisters’ Trailer

Some heartbreak never goes away. Olivia Culpo’s upcoming reality series The Culpo Sisters will feature her “horrible” relationship history. The 30-year-old former Miss Universe opened up in a trailer for the new TLC and Discovery+ reality series, which will focus on the bond between the fashionista and her siblings Aurora and Sophia.

In the ‘Culpo Sisters’ trailer, Olivia Culpo sobs over her really horrible’ ex

In the trailer for her upcoming reality show, “The Culpo Sisters,” Olivia Culpo sobbed over an ex-boyfriend who she claims belittled her.

“I was with someone who did really horrible, horrible things,” the 30-year-old former Miss Universe said in a TLC sit-down interview.

“I was made to feel like a less-than-human being in every way.”

“I’ve never talked about it before,” she added as she began to cry.

In the teaser, Culpo did not specify which ex she was referring to, and the brunette beauty has been in at least three high-profile relationships.

She is currently dating Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey and dated pop star Nick Jonas for two years previously. The latter was cut short due to “long distance.”

However, her relationship with her most recent ex, Danny Amendola, ended in scandal after allegations that the former NFL player cheated on her.

Amendola, now 36, was spotted flirting with a reporter named Bianca Peters on a beach date in Miami in October 2018. At the time, he was still dating Culpo.

Shortly after, it was revealed that Culpo and Amendola had broken up, with a source saying that the former pageant queen was “very disappointed and shocked about the photos that came out with Danny getting cosy with another girl.

However, it appeared that the couple tried to make it work again a few months later when they were spotted at the same location for New Year’s Eve.

Then, in April 2019, Amendola confirmed that he and Culpo were no longer together — but not before slamming his model ex.

“Olivia chooses and desires to be noticed on the internet and in Hollywood in order to make money,” the athlete said in an Instagram rant that he later deleted.

“Olivia subscribes to the fishbowl lifestyle.” You know I’m private if you’re a true friend.”
Amendola went on to say that he and Culpo “had some amazing times together,” and that “the sex was f-king crazy,” before concluding that “the cost of fame in this world doesn’t appeal to me.” “I play ball for one reason: RESPECT.”

Culpo appears in her new reality show with her family, which includes her sisters Aurora and Sophia Culpo.

“We’re all super close, even if we want to kill each other sometimes,” Olivia says in the new video, adding that she and her sisters have “no boundaries,” “no filter,” and “no shortage of drama.”
“The Culpo Sisters” premieres on TLC and Discovery Plus on November 7 at 9 p.m. ET.

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“I worry about the future all the time,” she admits tearfully in the series trailer, which will be released on November 7. “I always thought I’d be married by 30.” “I’d have children.”

Olivia, who tries to keep their relationship private, enjoys telling her sisters about it. “I was with someone who did really, really bad things.” In every way, I was made to feel inferior to other people. I’d never mentioned it before.”

Olivia did not name anyone, so it was unclear who she was referring to. The star’s past relationships have included NFL quarterback Tim Tebow and singer Nick Jonas. Things are looking up for the former beauty queen, who says her “belief in love” has been restored by her football player beau. McCaffrey, Christian.

Olivia has also used, according to the series. How has he handled fame since winning Miss Universe in 2012? “I grew up in a small town in Rhode Island,” she explained. “I moved to Los Angeles, but my sisters couldn’t stay away from me, so they joined me.”

He also joked about his parents, Susan and Peter, being unconcerned about his work. “My parents have no idea what I do,” she explained in the video.

Susan admitted to being unaware of her daughter’s career. “They say Olivia is influential, but we don’t know because we’re not impressed.” “I’m sorry,” she said, nodding.

While the sisters have a much weaker bond than some of the other reality sisters (will we ever forget all of the Kardashian squabbles over the years? ), Olivia promises plenty of juicy moments. “There will be no boundaries, filters, or lack of drama,” she said. The Culpo Sisters premieres on TLC and Search+ on November 7th.

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