Dark Desire Season 3 Release Date Status: Renewed Or Cancelled At Netflix?

dark desire season 3
dark desire season 3

Dark Desire is a Mexican thriller series. Drama and sensual delights abound in this film. On August 19, 2020, Netflix renewed the Dark Desire show for a season 2. It’s a Mexican Web TV thriller show made by Netflix’s Argos Comunicación. The series also features Maite Perroni, Poza, Pavon, Spitzer, and Hauser (Yellowstone). Initially, the start of production was announced on May 6, 2019, with the premiere set for July 15, 2020.

Due to its exceptional success, the series will return on August 19, 2020, for a season 2, which will be released in 2021. Season 1 of Dark Desire was announced as the most-watched non-English title in 28 days, with a 35 million audience.

The Dark Desire series’ second phase will be available on Netflix’s OTT platform.

It’s made even more fascinating by the terrific cast and engaging debates. It is welcoming, pleasant, and encompasses many years of friendship. As a result, this new season is unquestionably a must-see for you. In addition, if you haven’t seen the second season of Dark Desire, we encourage you to read this page.

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Dark Desire Season 3 Is It Renewed?

Dark Desire Season 3 has not yet been renewed.

Dark Desire Season 3 Expected Release Date

Netflix hasn’t yet announced the third season of Dark Desire. There will not be season 3, unfortunately. When Netflix renewed Dark Desire for a season 2 in August 2020, it said that it will be the series’ final season.

Everything was properly wrapped up in the second season. As a result, there’s no need for a season 3. Alma persuades Dario to reveal that he murdered his wife, Julieta, towards the end of the second season. It wasn’t an easy plan, but Dario was about to confess his deepest, deepest secrets with the help of Esteban and a shot of sodium pentothal.

Dark Desire Season 3 Expected Release Date 
Dark Desire Season 3 Expected Release Date

Then we see Dario chained to a hospital bed and Alma smoking a cigarette while walking down the street. She’s finally rid of the man who has brought her so much grief. There are a few loose ends that haven’t been resolved at the end of Season 2, but they aren’t big.

Despite the fact that the third season of Dark Desire is unlikely, fans should not give up hope. Netflix may decide to continue the series if there is enough demand for a third season. But, for the time being, the thriller series Dark Desire has come to an end.

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Dark Desire Season 3 Expected Cast

If the program is renewed for a third season, below is the expected cast for the third season of Dark Desire.

  • Alma Solares is played by Maite Perroni.
  • Leonardo Solares is played by Jorde Poza.
  • Edith Ballesteros is played by Paulina Matos.
  • Esteban Solares is played by Erik Hayser.
  • Dario Guerra is played by Alejandro Speitzer.
  • Brenda Castillo is played by Maria Fernanda Yepes.
  • Zoe Solares is played by Regina Pavon.
  • Garcia is played by Claudia Pineda.
  • Rosalba is played by Samantha Orozco.
  • Magali Boysselle plays a therapist.

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Dark Desire Season 2 Recap

Brenda had lost her life at the end of the first season because the man she loved (Esteban) was in love with her sister. As a result, she was unable to continue her relationship with his closest friend’s wife (Alma). We can look into the aftermath of Brenda’s suicide in the next series, especially since Alma will be heartbroken.

Finally, we observed that Alma was eventually distinguished from her husband, Leonardo, by the season’s end. Is it possible for Dario to reappearance in her life, despite the fact that her prior flame is still alive?

Dario and his criminal associate Esteban were seen fleeing after carrying out the killing of Jose Luis Valdez at the end of the series. What will Dario do with his life now that he has inherited a fortune from his grandfather? We’re confident you’ll find out in season two.

Where To Watch Dark Desire Season 3

You can Stream Both seasons of Dark Desire on Netflix.

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Dark Desire Season 3 Trailer Updates

There is no official trailer for Dark Desire Season 3. You can watch below Dark Desire season 2 trailer.

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