Bloody Escape Release Date: A New Anime Film by Goro Taniguchi

Bloody Escape Release Date
Bloody Escape Release Date

Goro Taniguchi, the director of Code Geass and One Piece feature: Red, is working on an original anime feature called Bloody Escape.

The film will be released in Japan in January 2024, and it is expected to be a fascinating sci-fi adventure with a dark and gritty tone. Everything you need to know about Bloody Escape, including its plot, characters, team, and trailer, is right here.

Bloody Escape: A Sci-Fi Adventure with a Dark Twist

The anime film Bloody Escape is part of the Estab Life media property, which also includes a 2022 anime series and a mobile game. Polygon Pictures, the same studio that animated the series and game, is producing the feature. Goro Taniguchi, who oversaw the series and the game, also wrote and planned the film.

Leo, a young man living in a violent dictator’s city named Estab, is the main character of the story. Leo is a member of the Revengers, a rebel group that seeks to overthrow Estab and liberate the people from his oppression.

Bloody Escape Release Date

However, Leo quickly realizes that Estab is not his only foe, as he comes across a mystery cult known as Carbon Nation, as well as a horde of hideous monsters that resemble aliens.

With a dark and twisted plot, the film promises to be a fascinating and action-packed adventure. The film will also include characters from the Estab Life series, such as Kaina, Ruka, and Shion, who will fight alongside Leo and the Revengers.

The film will also look at topics like freedom, justice, and survival, as well as the secrets of Estab’s rule and Carbon Nation’s cult.

Bloody Escape Release Date: When and Where to Watch It

Bloody Escape will be released in Japan in January 2024. The actual date and hour of release have not yet been announced, but they will be released soon on the film’s official website and Twitter account.

GAGA, a Japanese film studio that has also distributed Weathering With You and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train, will distribute the film.

There has been no confirmation of the film’s worldwide release plans as of yet. However, considering Goro Taniguchi and the Estab Life franchise’s success and reputation, it is possible that the film will be available for streaming or licensing in other countries soon after its Japanese premiere.

Fans of the franchise and Taniguchi’s work should keep an eye out for any new information about the film’s release date and availability. Bloody Escape is an anime film that anime fans should not miss, especially those who enjoy sci-fi, fantasy, and action.

One of the most well-known and acclaimed anime directors is behind the camera of this exciting and distinctive media franchise.

The film will also have an enthralling and fascinating tale, spectacular animation and cinematography, and an all-star voice cast. Bloody Escape is expected to be one of the most anticipated anime films of 2024.

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Bloody Escape Cast & Crew

On November 17, the anime’s official cast list was unveiled, which included some well-known voices. Yuki Ono from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Reina Ueda from Demon Slayer are among them.

The full cast list is as follows:

  • Kisaragi voiced by Yuki Ono
  • Lunalu voiced by Rena Ueda
  • Cruz voiced by Soma Saito
  • Jami voiced by Yuma Uchia
  • Larak voiced by Satsuki Yukino
  • Nonoc voiced by Masayo Kurata
  • Zanza voiced by Jun Fukuyama
  • Zesh voiced by Ryutaro Okiayu
  • Yazuka Boss Yaohachi voiced by Kazuhiro Nakatani
  • Equa voiced by Ayaka Ohashi
  • Feres voiced by Rie Takahashi
  • Maltese voiced by Maria Naganawa
  • Alga voiced by Sho Hayami
  • Ulla voiced by Shinichiro Miki
  • M voiced by Rina Hidaka

On November 17, the anime’s official cast list was unveiled, which included some well-known voices. Yuki Ono from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Reina Ueda from Demon Slayer are among them.

Is There a Trailer?

On November 17, the anime published the official Bloody Escape trailer.

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