Blood And Treasure Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date Status & Time, Promo, Recap, And Where To Watch

Yumi Cells Season 3 Release Date Status
Yumi Cells Season 3 Release Date

The third episode of Blood and Treasure Season 2 will air on July 24, 2022. The majority of the fans have been eager to learn the release date, time, cast, and other information for Blood And Treasure Season 2 Episode 3. On this page, we’ve provided all the information related to Blood and Treasure Season 2 Episode 3.

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Blood And Treasure Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date & Time

One of the most well-liked American action-adventure television shows, Blood And Treasure, debuted on May 21, 2019. Within the first few episodes of its premiere, this show gained so much popularity that a new season has been added. Yes! Blood And Treasure Season 2 has now begun, and a few episodes have already been broadcast. On Sunday, July 24th, 2022, at midnight PT, the 3rd episode, titled “Spoils of the Red Empire,” is set to be Released on Paramount+.

Episodes Name Dates
1 The Soul of Genghis Khan  Jul 17, 2022
2 Tales of the Golden Tiger  Jul 17, 2022
3 Spoils of the Red Empire Jul 24, 2022

Blood And Treasure Season 2 Episode 1: Recap

For the characters, four months have passed since the events of the Season 1 finale, when Danny McNamara’s father figure, Jacob Reece, disclosed his deceit before he and art thief cohort Lexi Vaziri received the inside scoop on the terrorist “Karim Farouk,” alias Simon Hardwick.

Danny and Lexi are jokingly talking about their future when they hear about a terrorist attack on the Vatican, in which Father Chuck Donnelly and others were hurt and some were killed.

Blood And Treasure Season 2
Blood And Treasure Season 2

A representative for the prisoner Jacob Reece, who has been trying to get in touch, approaches Danny as this mystery (which includes the significance of a symbol left behind in flames in a Vatican City courtyard and branded on one gunman’s hand) comes to light.

Danny and Lexi go to an Italian prison after Reece tells them that he has information about the attack on the Vatican and the attackers’ interest in a long-lost artifact called “The Soul (or Spirit Banner) of Genghis Khan.” They are reluctant and skeptical, but Reece has promised that he has this information. only to find out that Reece had just been killed by multiple stab wounds.

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Blood And Treasure Season 2 Cast

The following actors appear in Blood and Treasure Season 2:

  • In the role of Lexi Waziri, Sofia Pernas portrayed the actress.
  • Katia Winter plays the part of Gwen Karlsson in this episode.
  • Father Chuck, played by Mark Gagliardi in his role as the character
  • Alicia Coppola portrays Dr. Anna Castillo
  • The character of Simon Hardwick is played by James Callis.
  • Matt Barr (Walker) portrays Danny McNamara
  • Aiden Shaw portrayed by Michael James Shaw
  • Oded Fehr portrays Karim Farouk
  • John Larroquette portrays the role of Jay Reece
  • Paget Brewster (BirdGirl) portrays Sister Lisa
  • Taj Bin Yusef is played by Ali Hassan.
  • Captain Bruno Fabi is played by Antonio Cupo.
  • Tony Nash in the role of Omar
  • Anna Silk portrays Roarke

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Where To Watch Blood And Treasure Season 2?

Blood & Treasure will only stream on Paramount+. The current monthly fee for a Paramount+ subscription in the United Kingdom is £6.99, with a 7-day free trial for new consumers.

Blood And Treasure Season 2 Episode 3 Promo Video

There Has Been No Promo Video For Blood And Treasure Season 2 Episode 3 You Can Watch Below Blood And Treasure Season 2 Trailer.

Stay Tuned For More Update.

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