Amazon Prime ‘Fallout’ Series Release Date Revealed!

Amazon Prime 'Fallout' Series Release Date Revealed
Amazon Prime 'Fallout' Series Release Date Revealed

Excitement is brewing among fans of the popular gaming franchise as Amazon Prime unveils the release date for the highly anticipated ‘Fallout’ series. With eager anticipation, enthusiasts are eager to mark their calendars and prepare for the post-apocalyptic adventure that awaits.

Join us as we uncover the long-awaited date for the release of this thrilling new series and dive into the world of ‘Fallout’ like never before.

Amazon Prime ‘Fallout’ Series Release Date Revealed

On April 11, one day ahead of schedule, Fallout will be available on Amazon Prime Video. The most recent Fallout trailer, which debuted on March 7, was released along with the revised release date. Additionally, it was revealed that all eight episodes will be simultaneously streamed online, allowing you to binge-watch the entire series.

A new two-minute trailer for the show, which features Lucy getting into problems with a ghoul and the Brotherhood of Steel, was posted by Amazon on March 19.

In the survival thriller TV series Yellowjackets, Ella Purnell, who is most recognized for her role as Jackie, plays Lucy in Fallout. Lucy is an idealistic vault dweller who leaves the security of her nuclear bunker-based society to go on an expedition through the devastated wastelands.

Walton Goggins (Sons of Anarchy, The Hateful Eight) portrays The Ghoul, a mutant bounty hunter with an enigmatic pre-apocalyptic past and unclear motivations. Fallout game players will identify the ghouls as the necrotic subclass of infected humans living in the wasteland; their horrifying, cadaver-like look is properly portrayed in the TV series.

Amazon Prime 'Fallout' Series Release Date Revealed
Amazon Prime ‘Fallout’ Series Release Date Revealed

A member of the fascist, pseudoreligious paramilitary force called the Brotherhood of Steel, Aaron Moten plays Maximus. His duty is to maintain some kind of stability and peace in what’s left of California.

Hank, played by Kyle McLachlan of Twin Peaks, is the father of the main character and the head of Vault 33, a sizable underground bunker designed in the 1950s where Lucy’s society has lived contentedly for hundreds of years after the nuclear disaster.

Where Can I Watch The Fallout TV Series?

The only place to stream Fallout will be on Amazon Prime Video. The monthly fee of Amazon Prime is £8.99, or £95 for a year, which equates to £7.92.

Along with free same-day and next-day delivery, Prime Reading, Prime Music, Prime Gaming, and even Deliveroo Plus, you’ll have access to the entire back catalog of Amazon Prime Video.

You can join up for an Amazon Prime 30-day free trial if you’re a new subscriber or haven’t used Amazon Prime in the previous 12 months. Remember that Fallout doesn’t launch until April 11th, so you might want to wait if you want to watch all eight episodes in one sitting during your free trial.

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