Who Is Maluma Dating? An Update On His Current Relationships And Dating History!

who is maluma dating
who is maluma dating

Maluma is a musician from Colombia who has become one of the most well-known Latin-urban artists in the world. He has worked with some of the most famous musicians in the business, like Madonna, Shakira, and Ricky Martin. His songs “Felices Los 4” and “El Préstamo” were big hits on the Billboard charts. The 27-year-old star has dated a number of women in the past. Fans want to know who Maluma is seeing right now.

Juan Luis Londono, also known as Maluma, loves Susana Gómez more than anyone else. In a recent interview, Maluma talked about wanting to be a dad in the future. This brought the couple into the public eye. The two people have been seen together in public more than once, but they have never said anything official about their relationship. Reports say that Susana has already met Maluma’s parents. The musician recently posted on social media a picture of himself lying on the stomach of another person.

Maluma has been seeing Susana for an unknown amount of time. On Christmas Eve, Maluma posted a blurry picture of them kissing in front of the Christmas tree on Instagram. Source says that Maluma and Susana also celebrated their 28th birthday there in January.

About Maluma’s Girlfriend, Susana Gomez?

Susana Gómez is not only Maluma’s girlfriend, but she is also an architect from Colombia. She owns an interior design business called “Ese+Ese” in her hometown.

Gómez got a degree in architecture from a state university in the US. She is in her mid-20s at the moment. She is about 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Susana Gomez is not a well-known person and likes to stay out of the spotlight. Some news stories say that she is from the same city as Maluma, Medellin, Colombia.

In the past few months, Susana has gotten a lot of attention on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Maluma put her on his Instagram Story to talk about the release of his new album.

Maluma’s Dating History

In 2015, there were rumors that he was going out with the Spanish-Mexican singer Belinda. If that was a real relationship, it didn’t last long because, by 2016, Maluma was seen in public with magician Criss Angel.

Maluma was linked to Brazilian singer Anitta after the two were caught kissing in 2017. The kiss was part of a performance. The two were singing their hit song “Sim Ou No” at a concert in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


The Grammy winner started dating model Natalia Barulich in 2018. He had met her the year before on the set of his music video “Felices Los 4.” During their two-year relationship, Maluma was a regular on Barulich’s Instagram account.

But by late 2019, they were no longer together. No one knows why. In an interview with Hola! in June 2020, Barulich said: that things weren’t always great between her and Maluma. She said, “I was giving 1000 percent and only getting 20%.” “I’d say I got more on some days, which is what kept me here.” “I felt I was living for my companion, whether it was warm or cold.”

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